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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Obama's Administrative Infamy and Treachery

"[This resolution] reaffirms that the establishment by Israel of settlements in the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem, has no legal validity and constitutes a flagrant violation under international law."
Security Council Resolution 2334

"[The mandate affirms the] historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the grounds for reconstituting their homeland [on land west of the Jordan River as] Jewish Palestine."
"Arab Palestine [to be recognized as land east of the Jordan River]."
1922 Mandate for Palestine, League of Nations

American President Barack Obama, apparently not quite satisfied with the depths to which his nation's reputation has descended under his administration, went out of his way to boot another ally in the teeth before leaving office. As though he meant to consolidate his well-earned reputation for alienating allies while benefiting adversaries of the United States. Just as the president-elect, the alter-image of Obama, has soothed hurt feelings by repeating that all of Obama's grievously wretched overtures will be reversed after January 20, those assurances appear to act as a red flag to an injured bull.

Dispatching John Kerry to deliver another slanderous attack on Israel and its president, President Obama went out of his way to prove that old adage that if lies are repeated ad infinitum they represent truth in the hearers' estimation. Dropping quick allusion to the Palestinians' penchant for violence, engulfing that brief admission in a torrent of accusations against the State of Israel for its ignominy in debasing peace talks by the building of settlements on land Palestinians plan for their own state, the speech was a drawn-out web of inaccuracies and lies.

A leader of the most powerful nation on Earth, whose stellar reputation plummeted to earth because of the ineptitude and unwillingness to act with courage and determination when occasion demanded it, is desperate to claim a legacy that is spectacularly undeserved. Bitter in denunciation of a nation and a leader refusing to bow to his interfering demands, he strikes to wound but wounds only the truth and his own post-presidential reputation. The president whose term is swiftly expiring was an absolute dud.

Who might have imagined that a man whose soaring rhetoric inspired such global confidence would, in the final analysis turn out a spiteful hate-monger, incapable of governing the country he had pledged to advance on the world stage, returning its reputation he claims was tarnished by the previous administration? That nation is now groaning under a moral fatigue from which it begs to be rescued, a state of affairs engineered by a man so confident that he is right and everyone else wrong his hubris offended even nature.

On his own initiative he decided that Jews and Israel should cede their most sacred religious sites to the demands of Palestinians. Arabs who have delighted in defiling and destroying ancient Jewish sites of huge significance, braying simultaneously that they are really Palestinian sites to begin with. And who demand that Jewish feet not defile the Temple Mount, denying Jews with threats and violence, the right to pray there while claiming it is a site sacred only to Islam.

Now, with the UN Security Council resolution, even the second most holy site in Judaism, the Wailing Wall where Jews are permitted to pray through the reality of Israel having fought yet another war of defence against Arab combined armies meaning to annihilate its presence, regaining the ancient city of Jerusalem where under Jordan's rule, East Jerusalem's Jews were killed or banished,t their properties confiscated, and Jews not permitted access to their holy sites, according to the resolution there never were any such sacred Judaic sites; the entire area represents only Islamic sites.

This, in an ancient land whose Hebrew presence is undeniable, where ancient texts testify to those facts of Jerusalem as a Jewish capital and the Temples of Solomon sited there on the Temple Mount long before Islam was ever created by an enterprising Arab trader aspiring to theocratic conquest and power, lifting from Judaism the basic precepts of Judaism, transposed to a Bedouin faith, which has gone on lifting from Judaism presumptive ownership of Jewish historical and religious figures, authority and sites.

All the land that the settlements in the so-called 'West Bank' are located on, were meant to form part of the State of Israel, in recognition of the fact that they were historically part of Israel. It was the land that Jordan now sits on that was meant to represent the Palestinian apportionment. Which Great Britain perfidiously then promised to the Hashemites to placate them for giving Arabia to the Saudi dynasty.

Photo of a draft of Lord Balfour's declaration document from 1917 (photo credit: Prime Minister's Office official photo)
Photo of a draft of Lord Balfour's declaration document from 1917 (photo credit: Prime Minister's Office official photo)

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