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Friday, December 23, 2016

Embracing Cultural Annihilation

"On March 22, Ibrahim El Bakraoui, his younger brother Khalid, and Najim Laachraoui blew themselves up at Brussels Airport and at a metro station, killing 36 people. On June 13, Larossi Abballa stabbed a French police officer to death outside his home near Paris, then slit the officer's wife's throat in front of their three-year-old son. On July 14, Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhiel ploughed into Bastille Day revellers on the Promenate des Anglais in Nice, killing 86. On July 18, on a train near Frankfurt, Riaz Khan Ahmadzai injured five passengers with a hatchet. On July 24, Mohammed Daleel blew himself up outside a wine bar in Ansbach, near Nuremberg, injuring 15 people. On July 26, Adel Kermiche and Abdel Malic Petitjean stormed into a Catholic church in Normandy, took the congregants hostage and slit the priest's throat at the foot of the altar."
Chris Selley, journalist, National Post

Berlin's Christmas market vehicular assault can also be counted in that trail of mayhem and murder. Europe now lives on a tightrope of anxious anticipation of attacks that can happen seemingly anywhere at any time, and no one relishes the thought of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Someone will be, most assuredly. And attacks such as these are difficult for intelligence agencies to cope with. They have a growing roster of potential suspects recognized as persons-of-interest who may be the next Islamist jihadist spilling his spleen for spilt blood.

Europe has absorbed millions of Muslim immigrants and refugees. France and Germany now have a significant proportion of their population that is Muslim. Islam is solely responsible for all of the terrorist events haunting the world as a result of the Koranic injunctions to the faithful to pledge themselves to upholding and promoting Islam through whatever means must be engaged to produce the desired result of Islam presenting as the enduring, most powerful and eventually sole religion on Earth.

European politicians often look with envy at North America for the fact that vast oceans separate the continent from the source of the Muslim tide that has overwhelmed Europe. They also cite a different model of integration at a variance with their own that seems not to breed such overwhelming numbers of Islamist psychopaths. Yet, the famed American melting pot of citizen integration has not withstood the test of time and experience in the United States, and nor will it in Canada with its dedication to multiculturalism.

From the massive death count of 9/11 to Fort Hood's shooting to the Boston Marathon bombing and the Florida Pulse gay nightclub attack to the San Bernardino office party shootup , all surprising American authorities and leaving a gory footstep of Muslim death-squad functionaries revelling in the success of their bold jihad as heroes of Islamist jihad, North America has received its share of the signature of Islamist conquest in the wings, awaiting the final curtain fall of the future.

The thing about the West, is its restraint and polite endeavours to solve problems through reasonable debate and conciliation. Both of which utterly fail when coming to grips with fundamentalist ideologies based in fanatic religious destiny striving to reach the goal of consolidating the Islamic hold on the minds and hearts and souls of dedicated followers who believe what the Koran promises, that patience and violence in equal measure will prevail.

"Which country has security under control? Next time it will be a plane or a train, and that's how it is. If a commuter train had blown up, people would still have to ride the train", remarked an exasperated and fearful, albeit resigned Berliner in Christmas mode complete with Santa hat at the re-opened Christmas market in Berlin. Well, the experiments with planes went astonishingly well, close to three thousand killed in one remarkably bloody, explosive day that shook the world.

Trains? They've had their success stories too, just ask Britain and Spain.

There is something about the culture of the West that reflects civilization, a kind of moral constraint that permeates society. Tribal societies whose culture reflecting a religion based on the heritage of the tribes and their culture appear to lack the deeply ingrained moral distaste for blood-letting. In societies where a neighbour's good fortune is jealously viewed by another neighbour who resorts to murder and pillage to further his own interests, humanitarianism and just plain decency don't rank very high in top-of-mind considerations of the public weal.

The Western mind swiftly adopts the willingness to share and to give haven to those in need, cringing with dismay at the plight of those whose own governments or the government in the next country resolves to settle scores and extinguish hopes of equality and freedom. In their generosity, despite dismay at the sheer numbers presenting for aid and haven, they sacrifice their own culture and values and system of justice in the smothering presence of people for whom all of that is completely foreign and contradictory to their religion.

But nations and their leaders feel complacently smug about their humanitarian impulses in the rescue of the unfortunates viewed as disposable, dispensable dross by their own nations. And their compulsion to help the unfortunates blinds them to the quandary they will themselves face when confronted with the inability of the rescued unfortunates to absorb Western justice and values and spirit of respect and co-operation in an egalitarian society.

Spurned by those who implicitly believe in their exceptionality as Muslims to do as tribal custom gears them to.

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