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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Vive la France!

"It shows that when the people really want something they can get it."
"When the people want to retake their destiny in hand, they can do it, despite this ceaseless campaign of denigration and infantilization."
"It's the emergence of a new world. It's the end of the 20th Century."
Marine Le Pen, leader, National Front, Paris

"Congratulations! A historic victory! A revolution!"
"We will return our country to the Dutch. 
"We are witnessing the same uprising on both sides of the Atlantic."
Geert Wilders, leader, Freedom Party, Holland

"They called us sexists, homophobes, demagogues and populists. They don't realize that millions of people already no longer read their newspapers and no longer watch their television."
Beppe Grillo, leader, Five Star Movement, Italy

"The left and the corrupt establishment, which considers itself so superior, are being punished blow by blow by the voters and voted out of various positions of responsibility."
Heinz-Christian Strache, leader, Freedom Party of Austria

"Le Pen is the candidate of a party that is on the margins of the system."
"Donald Trump was the candidate of the Republican Party. He had resources that were not comparable to hers."
Jean-Yves Camus, expert, European far-right parties

"There is the same desire to change politics in France. A lot of French are victims of globalization and immigration."
"France is no longer France."
"So, we've got to change our politics. And the only one who can do it is Marine Le Pen."
Steeve Briois, Mayor, Henin-Beaumont, France

Nothing could be truer. Those who proudly call themselves 'progressives', the leftists of every dimension happily slur and slander anyone who doesn't subscribe heartfully to their version of the social order. That social order embraces a type of social diversity that is now and it is global, there are no national borders for nationalism is viewed as a holdover from another era entirely; patriotism is identified as resistance to alien influences. Love of country, of culture and of heritage is simply a bulwark against welcoming others who are different in origin and social order, let alone religious conviction.

Borders are no longer of any purpose, serving only to keep people apart, to maintain the 'us-and-them' xenophobia that the world curses itself with. Immigration is a positive, the wholesale transfer of people from disadvantaged parts of the world to the advantaged areas of the world, whereby the fecundity of the disadvantaged can shore up the ebbing tide of natural replacement by people whose life satisfaction is so great they feel no urge to replicate themselves and produce offspring. Those living in endemic poverty who see no future for themselves, reproduce endlessly; their purpose in life.

What is forgotten in the social-political melee that those labelled conservatives run the gamut from small-c to capital-C, their convictions and their embrace of an ideology ranging from liberal-conservatives to far-right conservatives, but all are painted with the same broad brush of condemnation, accused of planning to turn the world back on itself to a time when divisions among people were rampant, racism and ethnic divides rancid and an integral portion of society's values.

The arrogance and superiority of the far-left has trampled on the civil and human rights and civil respect of those who do not share their ideology.

In effect pushing them beyond what they will endure any longer. And in the process of rejecting the labels foisted upon them conservatives also decry the invasion of their familiar and esteemed values and cultural backgrounds by groups whose own values and heritage are so weighted with religious fervour, with bigotry against others unlike themselves, with rancour toward ethnic and religious minorities that they become a disruptive factor threatening the balance and equality of advanced societies but whose faults are forgiven wholesale by leftists willing to surrender all that is familiar to the ignorant entitlement of usurpers.

Now, from the Balkans to the Netherlands, a lash-back against the sanctimonious left has taken flight into the stratosphere of achievable gains. What has heartened them has been the unmitigated disaster of loosing upon the world an egotistical ignoramus of profound self-indulgence whose belief in his own infallibility has so impressed the ignorant and the resentful in American society that they have incredibly elevated him to the highest position in the land, matching him to his aspirations of wielding the ultimate world powerbase.

This is a horrendous situation that the effrontery and stupidity of people who believe that they alone are right in how they view society, and their loathing for those on the opposite spectrum of the political order is the causative of that opposite political view assembling sufficient support from all quarters supporting the ouster of liberal influence to perform the task with a vengeance. The result is that not only will Americans suffer through four years at the very least of miserable governance threatening the well-being of their own order, but those of people the world over.

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