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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Palestinian Entitlements

"France doesn't recognize Palestine as a state, but our mission there is called Diplomatic Mission of Palestine. Some European countries have given us full diplomatic missions -- Hungary, Russia, Austria, Bosnia, Turkey, Poland, Malta, Serbia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Sweden and Montenegro -- and others [such as France, Spain, Ireland and Norway] don't recognize us as a state, but we have diplomatic representation there."
"It's symbolic and it's happening in Europe. Canada can do it, too. I can't talk politics with Canada if we're not seen as a political body."
"My mission is to promote Palestinian and Canadian relations. I want Global Affairs Canada to deal with [my mission] as a recognized political body."
Nabil Maarouf, representative of Palestinian General Delegation in Canada
Nabil Marouf, representative of the Palestinian General Delegation in Canada. Diplomatica

You bet he does. This man, representing the Palestinian Authority, not the State of Palestine, for there is no such state, wants to leap-frog the PA into the status of statehood by default, not by negotiations that will lead to the privilege of statehood. A privilege that the United Nations offered to both Palestinian Jews and Arabs in 1948 and which Jews gratefully accepted, while Arabs forcefully declined. So forcefully that they fled the area that represented the Jewish state, while protesting that all the land they unilaterally identify as Palestinian land should be theirs.

In fact, the geography that was meant to be returned to Jews in recognition of their ancient homeland and their ongoing presence as Palestinian Jews was instead splintered into three portions, the largest of which was underhandedly given by the British Mandate [despite its promise to Jews] to Transjordan's Bedouin Hussein dynasty when the Saudis took possession of land they originally lived in, to mollify them, establishing the Saudis in Arabia later to become Saudi Arabia and the Husseins in Transjordan.

Leaving a smaller portion to be divided equally between Jews and Arabs for their states. Instead, the combined Arab armies of the surrounding Muslim nations marched on newly-declared Israel to destroy it and return the land to Islam, a project that was repeated time and again with each time the Arab militaries seeing defeat at the determined hands of one tiny nation's military. Which is why the Palestinians, still agitating to recover all the land they declare theirs still have no state.

But this man, representing the purported interests of the Palestinians feels entitled to urge the Government of Canada to effect a 'simple' and 'unassuming' name change for his delegation from the currently named Palestinian General Delegation to the more authoritative General Delegation of Palestine. In fact, he represents Palestinian interests, certainly not the interests of 'Palestine', for there is, as yet, no designated 'Palestine' as a state to be given equal status as a state in Canada for diplomatic or any other purpose.

Palestinian Nabil Maarouf insists that Canada's refusal to effect the change he strives to persuade them of, represents a signal that Canada does not acknowledge the geographic region of Palestine. That's certainly one way of putting it. He complains that no official federal delegation has yet visited 'Palestine'. How can they? there is no 'Palestine', though they might, if so inclined, visit the West Bank and the Palestinian Authority. Where the same disingenuous arguments will be thrown at them.

All this man wants is for the minister of Foreign Affairs to "see the facts on the ground". Not recognition of the state of Palestine, "but what we want is a small promotion", he urges, citing the fact that many European countries while not recognizing Palestine as a state -- yet -- have agreed to accept diplomatic missions in their capitals. So why doesn't Canada? "Is it going to hurt Israel in any way?", he goads. In fact, what he and his like focus on is hurting Israel in any way they possibly can.

 While Canada provides indirect support for the Palestinians, their representative in Canada would like to see it increased, for Canada to contribute more funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees. UNRWA was established in 1948, at the creation of the State of Israel and the refusal of Palestinians to accept a state of their own on ground delegated to them. It is the longest-running 'refugee' funding racket the world has ever seen. The Palestinians have had over sixty years to demonstrate their capability to operate a nation, but prefer to exist on international hand-outs.

This is typical of the Palestinian Arab sense of entitlement, that nothing substantive is required of them to show the world that they are capable of becoming a country of self-pride in being able to fend for themselves as Israel has done. They chose instead to invest and indulge in violent backlash, in inciting their people to commit murderous crimes, and when that wasn't effective enough they went off on a public relations slander initiative of Israel to delegitimize it by labelling it as an Apartheid state, and an 'occupier'.

An 'occupation' resulting from the necessity of self-defence. Defending itself against one onslaught after another by combined Arab armies, and against the terrorist actions of Palestinians taught from childhood to adulthood to view Jews as cursed enemies that must be destroyed before 'Palestine' can be made whole again, as if 'Palestine' ever existed other than as a home for Jews before the Arab incursion and claims of ownership of name and geography.

This is a particular specialty of Muslims. To co-opt the principals and principles of another, ancient religion, as their very own, presenting it as the 'finished product', declared so by none other than Allah through the divine auspices of the Prophet Mohammad. The ancient symbols of Judaism, the heritage sites of particular note in the Old Testament, and the Jewish Prophets, including Christ, are adopted wholemeal into Islam with the note of pride that Abraham, Moses, Christ and the lesser prophets were all, in actual fact, Arab, not Jews.

"How can you [Canada] talk about your fight for refugees, but not give to UNRWA?" he goads righteously. Palestinian Arabs are no longer refugees except for international public relations conveying the image of having been ill-done-by, innocents held in violent thrall by an evil state which targets Palestinian children for death. When the truth is Palestinian children are trained and geared to attack Jews as a tribal, religious obligation to restore 'honour' to Islam which forbids land once consecrated to Islam to host vestiges of any other religion.

Canada sees all too well where so much of the international financial support provided through UNRWA goes, to celebrate and honour Palestinian 'martyrs' who surrender their lives with pride while in the process of slaughtering Jews fulfilling their obligations to the cause of 'resistance' and avoiding any hint of possible 'normalization' with Jews and the State of Israel.

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