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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Stabilizing the Terrorist Threat Within : On Guard For Thee

"Mr. Uddin in his mind was trying to do something positive, which wasn't done in the right way."
"He's not going to answer any questions [about destroying his son's weapon, 'having destroyed a restricted firearm']."
Omer Chaudhry, lawyer for Mohammad Uddin

"At a court appearance in Brampton, Kadir Abdul, 27, signed a peace bond that the RCMP had sought against him after he was arrested at Pearson airport on April 15 upon returning from Turkey, where he had allegedly been detained."
"The peace bond restricts him from leaving Ontario. He cannot possess a passport or weapons. He must also stay off the Internet, except under supervision. It further says he cannot “associate or communicate” with ISIL, Jabhat Al-Nusra or Samuel Aviles."
Stewart Bell, National Post, July 15, 2016

Kadir Abdul of Toronto leaves the Brampton courthouse on Thursday April 21, 2016 following an appearance on a terrorism peace bond.
Stewart Bell/National Post    Kadir Abdul of Toronto leaves the Brampton courthouse on Thursday April 21, 2016 following an appearance on a terrorism peace bond.

Arrested in April after having been detained in Adana, eastern Turkey by security personnel there, suspecting the 27-year-old Canadian of Bangladeshi origin was planning to enter Syria to fight with a terrorist group, he was returned to Toronto where the RCMP arrested him. He signed a peace bond with the understanding that he would be released from prison on his own recognizance as long as he honoured the security provisions of the peace bond.

Prosecutor Matthew Giovinazzo, in the Ontario Court of Justice, gave information revealing that police had executed a search warrant at the Brampton apartment Kadir Abdul shared with his family, after he had left for Istanbul in March. They were looking for an assault rifle they were certain was in his possession. The Windham Weaponry semi-automatic rifle, a restricted weapon, wasn't found by the police in their search.

Abdul's father, Mohammad Uddin, informed investigators that he had smashed the weapon into pieces, throwing them down the apartment garbage chute. He destroyed his son's firearm possession and acquisition license as well, leading him to be charged with two firearms offences on May 19. He had failed to report "having destroyed a restricted firearm".

The 57-year-old father using a Bengali interpreter, pleaded guilty to the charges brought against him. "There are clearly concerns from the federal government with the accused's son", stated prosecutor Giovinazzo. The concerns have become more acute since an ISIL supporter setting out to stage a suicide bombing in a crowded venue in Strathroy, Ontario was apprehended by police at the cusp of his action, and when a bomb was released, police shot the jihadi dead.

The RCMP administers firearms licensing in Canada. If the license holder is considered a potential safety risk to others the license can be refused or revoked: "Continuous" screening takes place "to identify any public safety risk", states the RCMP website. Muhammad Aqeeq Ansari was deported last year on charges of being a member of a Pakistani terrorist group. A home in Peterborough he was living in had been raided where a stockpile of a dozen firearms and ammunition was discovered.

When acquiring his firearms licenses the home address Kadir Abdul gave should logically have alerted authorities. A Canadian named Malik Abdul was identified on leaked ISIL documents smuggled by a defector out of Syria, as having joined the terrorists in July of 2014. The contact number appearing on the ISIL registration forms matched the land line in Kadir Abdul's building listed to "M. Uddin", his father.

Abdul left Canada in March, was arrested in Adana, 30 kilometres from the border with Syria, in the company of another Canadian, Samuel Aviles, according to Turkish officials.A probe into the presence of the two men by the Turkish intelligence services led to their arrest and detention for two weeks. Their return to Toronto took place two weeks later, where the RCMP made their arrest and terrorism peace bonds were sought.

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