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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Lethally ISIL's Mistress of Recruits and Terror

"All the ISIL fighters have second wives. Junaid's wasn't a Yazidi or Christian slave like most of the others, though -- she was a local Muslim girl as he had requested."
Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently member

“The Crusaders think they win when they kill us. They don't we win.” (Tweet)
"Umm Hussain is respected. She was the reason ISIL was able to recruit a lot of Western girls to Raqqa; it's not easy to convince a Christian rock girl to become an extremist."
"They [recruits] are told lies and are shown fake pictures of massacres, which they say were carried out by Western countries against Muslims."
"By the time they leave [for Raqqa, Syria] they are completely brain-washed."
Syrian ISIL defector, Gaziantep, Turkey

Clearly, Sally Jones, an attractive, young single mother of two boys, living on welfare in Chatham, Britain, was bored with her life. She decided to look around online at prospects to enliven her life then studied who might conceivably benefit from her support as a terrorist-enabler. Thus began an online courtship with a 19-year-old talented hacker whose name was Junaid Hussain. Hussain invited his email partner to join him in Syria where he planned to travel, from Britain.

She did just that six months later, in 2013; leaving her older son, 18, in the United Kingdom, she packed up her nine-year-old and joined her distant lover to marry him in a small ceremony pleasing to Islam the day she arrived in Idlib, northern Syria. She converted to Islam, and converted her name from Jones to Sakinah Hussain. Her son Joe became Hamza.
Junaid Hussain
Junaid Hussain, her former husband
Arriving in Raqqa, Sakinah Hussain settled into her new life in ISIL's capital city while her husband went off for jihadi training. She underwent a different kind of training, becoming fully conversant with the sharia and jihadism favoured by Islamic State. It took but several weeks for Hussain to marry a second wife, a 23-year-old Raqqa Syrian woman. By now well versed in Islamist sharia, the British Sally Jones was complacent with the new arrangement.

When Hussain was dispatched to Mosul last year to "install radar technology" she travelled with her husband. Who was considered one of ISIL's most professional hackers, a technologically skilled jihadist whom it was felt helped plan some of ISIL's most successful hacking attacks, along with online recruiting in the West; influencing jihadists abroad to carry out lone-wolf attacks in their home countries.

Hussain was killed in a targeted drone strike by the United States, in August of 2015 and following his death his first, British wife was placed in charge of training female recruits from Europe, a job she took seriously enough to be hugely successful. She was also instructed to lead the female wing of the Anwar al-Awlaki battalion, founded by Hussein, to attack the West.

Herself skilled, she teaches women the use of weapons, how to fight and carry out "suicide missions against Western targets".

British child 'Abu Abdullah Al-Britani' featured executing man in new ISIS video from Raqqa

She is also busy grooming her son, now eleven, as an ISIL tiger cub, an executioner for ISIL. Toward the end of August an ISIL propaganda video was released with young boys in uniform forming a death squad and shooting to death Kurdish prisoners. One of the boys was discerned as being of Western origin, and it was revealed that he could be the son of British jihadi Sally Jones who now uses the name UMM Hussain Britaniyah. Grooming him, the rumour is, to be the next "Jihadi John" executioner.

Three women were captured in France last week, accused of planning attacks, the women identified as members of an all-female cell, although their partners in the planned attack were two brothers. Their vehicle was found close to Notre Dame Cathedral, three full canisters of gas in the vehicle. One of the women arrested was discovered to be more involved in jihad than imagined. Sarah H. had been engaged to Larossi Abballa, the killer in Magnanville of two police officials. Betrothed as well to Adel Kermiche the jihadist who slit the throat during morning mass of an elderly French priest.

A woman is arrested in Boussy-Saint-Antoine south of Paris after a car was found containing gas cylinders near Notre Dame Cathedral.
A woman is arrested in Boussy-Saint-Antoine south of Paris after a car was found containing gas cylinders near Notre Dame Cathedral.  (GEOFFROY VAN DER HASSELT / AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

Umm Hussain al-Britani is also popularly known as Mrs. Terror, who uses social media to crow about how wonderful life in the caliphate is for women, attracting dozens of female recruits to Islamic State. After her son turned 11 he was enrolled in the camp for boys under the age of 14 as a lion cub, taught in Arabic, English and French to absorb ISIL's sharia, and the use of weapons at training camps in Syria and Iraq.

This is the boy whom authorities believe to be the smiling child wearing army fatigues, holding a gun, standing over a kneeling prisoner, then shooting him in the head. Reportedly, the boy's grandparents recognized him in the video footage. A week later a posting on Umm Hussain al-Britani's Twitter account read: "By the way my son collects grenades now, not bugs. Alhamdulillah [praise God] for getting my beautiful boy to the Islamic State."

Sally Jones
British Muslim convert Sally Jones -- Tim Stewart

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