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Friday, September 16, 2016

Infiltration, Not Integration

"Generally, some care should be taken by teachers on the language and tone they take when discussing world events and the Islamic faith."
"The core values and central tenets of Islam are immutable and the best counter-narrative to the terrorist ideology of hate."
A Guide for Educators 
"The CHRC [Canadian Human Rights Commission] and the Red Cross should be more concerned about human rights abuse and actual racial discrimination than pandering to a victim ideology and a contrived phrase like 'Islamophobia' created to stifle conversation. MFT [secular Council for Muslims  Facing Tomorrow] is distressed by the activities of certain organizations claiming to represent Muslims while closely linked to the supremacist Muslim Brotherhood. These organizations are part of the problem and not the solution."
Sohail Raza, co-founder, Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow
CHAIR.CAN (Canadian chapter of the Council for American-Islamic Relations which underwent a name change to the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) to throw off the scent of
Islamism and support of fundamentalist Islam associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, has managed, through strenuous advocacy to convince the Canadian Red Cross and the Canadian Human Rights Commission to fund and support a guide to be used in Canadian classrooms to raise sensitivity to the need to protect Muslim children from discrimination.

CHAIR.CAN promotes the concept of Islamophobia widely based in Canada, resulting, they claim, from innocent Muslims being held in suspicion long after the terrorist strikes in the United States of 9/11 infamy. It fumes over the 'presumption of guilt' by Canadians of their Muslim citizen-counterparts, claiming that discriminatory attitudes and hate crimes targeting Muslims remain a deep and dark problem in the country, unfairly characterizing Muslims as unassimilable and leery of accepting Canadian values and laws.

Real statistics tell a far different story, that out of one thousand hate crimes reported a year after 9/11, 25 percent of hate crimes zeroed in on targeting Jews, 17 percent blacks, 11 percent Muslims, 10 percent South Asians and nine percent LGBT. By 2006, 66 percent of all hate crimes targeted Jews, leaving 11 percent of Muslims the targets of hate crimes. Anti-Semitism won hands down in being the focus of hate crimes.

And yet another reality intervenes; that there are well over one million (from the 2011 census) Muslims now living in Canada, as opposed to a figure of 350,000 for Jews. Making it all the more surprising that CHAIR.CAN was persuasive enough in collaboration with the Islamic Social Services Association to have the CHRC and Red Cross set aside their neutrality as organizations, to aid and abet these Muslim groups, lending them the kind of respectability that their links should deny them.

While they claim that "a very well-documented, anti-Muslim hate wave" flourishes in Canada to target Muslims, the fact is that these groups have brought hate to Canada in supporting issues such as BDS (Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions) against Israel, inciting Muslim activists on university campuses across the country to promote anti-Semitism on fertile ground. A previous collaboration between the RCMP and the same Muslim groups fell through after the publication of a supposedly counter-radicalization handbook.

The handbook, United Against Terrorism, turned out to be an embarrassment to the RCMP, leading them to withdraw their support of its utilization. Recommending as it does, for example, that hardline clerics be consulted, and citing Muslims' right to remain unco-operative with law enforcement. Although the RCMP has withdrawn its support, its name and logo continue to appear on the handbook, giving it the kind of legitimacy that was not intended.

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