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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Iran Threat

"Tehran's fanatical, aggressively destabilizing regime, and its friends and influencers in Canada, already have enough of a presence in this country and beyond. Rather than weaken, we must limit the ayatollahs' avenues into our nation, contain this global threat, and embrace sound international efforts to encourage constructive democratic change in Iran."
Shabnam Assadollahi, former Iranian political prisoner, David B. Harris, lawyer, director INSIGNIS Strategic Research Inc., Canada

"Hezbollah and its pious youth are shining like the Sun and they are a source of honour for the Muslim world."
Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Tehran, Iran
A handout picture released on March 8, 2016 by Sepah News, the online news site and public relations arm of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard, shows a member of the Revolutionary Guards next to a missile launcher in an underground tunnel at an undisclosed location in Iran.(Photo: STRINGER, AFP/Getty Images)

Iran has busied itself dispatching its Republican Guard Corps al Quds division into Syria to shore up the fortunes of the Alawite regime of President Bashar al-Assad in battering Syrian Sunnis into submission. In the process slaughtering hundreds of thousands; a figure approaching in fact, a half-million people, killed by their own government targeting them in punishment for daring to question their president's authority.

The Lebanese-based terrorist group Hezbollah, a creature of Iran, tutored and armed by the Iranian al Quds corps has been dispatched, as a Shiite Iranian proxy to fight at the side of the Syrian military as well. Iran has inspired and supported Yemen's Shiite Houthi in conflict with the western-backed Sunni majority government. Iran's machinations can be seen in Hezbollah's attacks against Israeli interests and Jews in Europe.

There are fears of the Iranian Republican Guards' focus on nuclear power and the Ayatollahs' ambition to feature nuclear warheads on the noses of the intercontinental ballistic missiles their scientists are busy updating. Tehran has been implicated in violent assassinations in Germany and France, bombing in Lebanon and Argentina, and with covert operations in the United States and South America.

Its current, 'moderate' president, Hassan Rouhani, had been involved in previous negotiations with the UN Security Council over its nuclear program, hoodwinking and stalling and finally putting off resolutions until the most recent round of negotiations brokered by the European Union, the United States and the UN Security Council members plus Germany to an agreement favouring Iran's nuclear future.

None of which has slowed down its nuclear research, its ballistic missile tests, its executions of regime opponents, including children and female prisoners, gays, Baha'i and others considered expendable by the nature of their offence to the Islamic Republic of Iran's brand of hard-line Islam. A religious doctrine so malevolent that women prisoners if they are still virgins, are raped to close off their entrance to paradise after state execution.

Intelligence reports are rife with Iranian plans to develop electro-magnetic pulse weapons capable of being deployed to destroy power grid infrastructure and electronic equipment in 'enemy' territory. American experts in electro-magnetic pulse weaponry theory are cognizant of U.S. Congressional EMP Commission warnings, that EMP weapons could have the effect of destroying American infrastructure.

Qadr H long-range ballistic missile Iranian Fars News Agency image of a Qadr H long-range ballistic surface-to-surface missile fired by Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guard on March 9, 2016. (Fars News Agency, Omid Vahabzadeh / AP)

Canada is as vulnerable to this potential as is the United States and Europe, where electrical grids could be impacted to extinguish our advanced technological civilization and with it, survival. Closer to the region in which Iran towers as a threat to its neighbours, it released a ballistic missile inscribed with a destination: Israel. In its bid to promote regional fellowship and good relations between neighbours.

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