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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Orando's Inspired Attack

"The difference between an inspired attack and a directed attack is training – which ISIS can’t do in the US, so it is relying on the former."  
"The last Ramadan statement said specifically to attack the West – you don’t have to come to Syria, to the caliphate – just go out and attack."
"The narrative yesterday was that ISIS was losing in Libya, losing in Syria, and close to losing Fallujah. Today the headline is that ISIS is rising and carried out the worst terrorist attack since 9/11 – and they didn’t even know the guy who did it."
Patrick Skinner, former CIA case officer, counterterrorism expert, The Soufan Group

Research into the high suicide rate of homosexuals appears to validate the impression that young gay men do, in greater numbers than the rest of the population, and for whatever reason, decide to take their lives. Now that it has been revealed that Omar Mateen closeted his homosexuality within his Muslim community; as a faithful Muslim attending mosque three to four times weekly, according to the imam who knew him, yet felt impelled to visit the very nightclub in Orlando where he successfully mounted a slaughter taking 49 lives and wounding 53 gays, it seems that this religiously-blighted, mentally conflicted man sought martyrdom as a suicidal gesture.

"When he finished prayer, he would just leave. He would not socialize with anybody. He would be quiet. He would be very peaceful", said Imam Syed Shafeeq Rahman of the Fort Pierce Islamic centre. Perceived by the imam as 'peaceful', the man of whom he spoke resembled a volcano, serene on the outside, and a cauldron of boiling magma in the interior. That magma was the poison of hatred. Hatred for the kuffars, the gays, blacks and Jews, and it would seem, of women. A not unusual combination for an Islamist.

According to Daniel Gilroy who had worked alongside this psychopathic cauldron of hate who had been groomed from childhood by his equally unstable Islamist father, Mateen was an angry, loud, profane man who made regular use of racial slurs for gays, blacks, Jews and women. "He talked about killing people all the time", Mr. Gilroy said in an interview. And that this man whose declarations of intent to kill had been relayed by Mr. Gilroy to the security firm's attention and about which there was no reaction, ended up slaughtering 49 gays and wounding 53 more, was not a surprise: "I saw it coming".

Omar Mateen's intrusion on Saturday morning to the Pulse nightclub in Orlando was to a place he had become familiar with. Other patrons, after the commission of the horrifying assault, recognized photographs of the man as someone they had seen on various other occasions at the club. Only on those previous occasions he was not there as the mass assassin he later proved to be, but as a client. A Muslim gay man who attempted to pick up other men at the bar, and who had on several occasions been escorted out of the nightclub, drunk.

"He's been going to this bar for at least three years", said Kristina McLaughlin, who performs at the bar. Omar Mateen's Taliban-loving father's assertion that Islam had no involvement in the atrocity that had been officially, swiftly been identified as 'terrorism' without an Islamist prefix was reinforced by his explanation that his son had been offended and scandalized at the sight of gay men kissing, in Miami. The bar regulars who recognized the son were incredulous at that gay-kiss impetus for the carnage, knowing that Omar Mateen had been intimately familiar with such scenes from his personal visits to the Pulse club.

As a professional security guard himself, Omar Mateen knew the layout of the nightclub, and he was well aware of the presence of security guards at the club. One of whom he exchanged gunfire with. He had armed himself with a handgun and with an assault rifle and ample ammunition, enough to enable him to continuously shoot people for a full 45 minutes of living hell and dying gays. From his entry at 2:00 a.m. to 2:51, trapped club patrons were desperately texting their relatives before they died.

And for the next two hours Orlando police surrounded the nightclub complex, with a SWAT team in position in a bathroom located opposite another bathroom where Omar Mateen ended up with a number of hostages. He took the time to dial 911 to inform authorities that he was acting in the name of Islamic State, since part of his suicide pact with himself was to present himself as a martyr, one who heroically took down gay kuffars in a special death-delivery to Allah.

"People were screaming, begging for their lives", club regular 52-year-old Orlando said afterward. And then, he said, the killer "started shooting outside again" before retreating to that washroom with four to five hostages. John Mina, the police chief in Orlando described Omar Mateen as "cool and calm". And the hours ticked on. "There was a timeline given (by Mateen) and we believed there was an imminent loss of life", the chief explained. I appears that Mateen had intimated he was wearing a suicide vest.

Leading to the decision to finally take the initiative to breach the wall of the nightclub alongside the bathroom where Mateen held his hostages. It took two hours for that decision to be made and attempted, in an effort, the chief stressed, to avoid additional loss of life. A hole was eventually achieved through the side of the building by an armoured vehicle, leading Mateen to finally emerge, and to be shot dead in a predictable exchange of gunfire.

In Afghanistan, where the Mateen family hails from, though Omar was born in the United States, opinion is mixed whether he is a hero, deserving of martyr status and many are taking the initiative to celebrate on his behalf. Islamic State wasted little time exulting in the bloody assault, referring to Mateen as "one of the soldiers of the caliphate in America".

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