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Friday, June 17, 2016

Indecent Haste Becomes Standard Procedure for Liberals

"The URL removal tool is intended as a first step for content that you urgently need blocked – for example, if it contains confidential data that was accidentally exposed."
"Using the tool for other purposes might cause problems for your site."
"Do not use the tool to clean up cruft, like old pages that 404. If you recently changed your site and now have some outdated URLs in the index, Google’s crawlers will see this as we recrawl your URLs, and those pages will naturally drop out of our search results. There’s no need to request an urgent update."
Google’s instructions for webmasters  
Having already reversed a number of former prime minister Stephen Harper's policies, the Liberal government has had Google remove Harper's internet history and documents from the prime minister's official website. Having already reversed a number of former prime minister Stephen Harper's policies, the Liberal government has had Google remove Harper's internet history and documents from the prime minister's official website. (Canadian Press photos)
"Regardless of what somebody might think of Stephen Harper, Stephen Harper served the Canadian public as a member of parliament and then as prime minister for over 10 years."
"The prime minister's website is not his own website to do with as he pleases, it belongs to the Canadian people."
"It cannot just be changed at the whim of the Liberals."
Conservative Member of Parliament, Candice Bergen 
Unseemly haste to dispense of all that might refer to the previous Conservative-led government has been the hallmark of the current Liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The fact of the matter is that an incoming prime minister is not entitled to place a shield of no-go between his administration and that of a predecessor. The fact of the matter is, Prime Minister Stephen Harper was respected, admired and valued for his qualities as a human being and for his capability as a politician of the highest rank.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper proved his mettle in many areas of endeavour; as a skilled politician, a great Canadian, a writer and a musician, and a highly intelligent individual. Justin Trudeau's academic, professional and working life experiences have been shallow by comparison, his spontaneous statements betraying an absence of acute intelligence masked by a facade attractive to many people, of good-natured optimism which has contrasted favourably for him with Mr. Harper's natural reticence.

It is no doubt remembered by the Liberals and particularly by their leader, that Mr. Harper was able to persuade Canadian voters to place their trust in his capable hands for almost a decade. In the last election that defeated the Conservatives and brought the Liberals to their majority, it was the bleeding of votes from the NDP that gave that majority to the party that took many NDP ideas and made them their own. In that same election, the Conservatives obtained 30 percent of the vote; over 5.5-million Canadians voted for Mr. Harper.

The Liberal government's haste to turn around many of the values and initiatives of the Conservative government's legislation have not stood this country in good stead. What the Liberal government's preoccupation with reversing many of their predecessors' stands and decisions on many issues important to Canada has demonstrated, is the pettiness and shallow appreciation by the Liberals of what constitutes good governance and its responsibility to those they represent - and that would be all Canadians.

For sheer pettifogging absurdity, the Liberals stooped just about as low as might be possible, albeit not as low as might be conceivable, when the Privy Council Office issued official requests to Google for deletion of all the previous government's web pages highlighting the former prime minister's time in office. The Liberals took office on November 4, and from that date forward no fewer than 51 such requests were made, for Google to sweep the website clear of material relating to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The meanness with which this Liberal government has pursued its vendetta against the Conservative government that preceded it is a fairly good indicator of the small minds behind it all. It starts with Justin Trudeau but by no means ends there.

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