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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

The Appeal of Genocidal Slander

"We didn't know where we were going, but we knew we were being deported."
"There was a joke being spread around that we were going to work. Except that they had crammed one hundred and ten of us into each wagon [cattle car]. And very soon the idea occurred to us and went around the wagon: 'If we are going to work in Germany, why have they packed us in, one hundred and ten to the wagon? We'll arrive in shreds!" 
"And they didn't give us any water at all. In July, in enclosed wagons!"
"We stretched out our hands through the vents, there were some French people on the platforms . . . 'A little water, please, a little water!' Not one French person moved to go and get us a little water. Not one. They were either frightened or they couldn't be bothered, I don't know."
Samuel Chymisz, Holocaust survivor, France, 1942
Yad Vashem Nazi exhibit

This was, of course, occupied France. When the Vichy government of France was pleased to collaborate with the Nazi Third Reich in their vital preoccupation with ridding Europe of its pestilential Jews. When French police eagerly did the bidding of the German officers dispatched to oversee the genial occupation of France, and French citizens were, by and large, none too exercised about the disposition of the Jews among them. They were themselves chafing under Nazi rule.

So with the aid of most of the governments of Europe where fascist Germany had its national socialist agenda of conquest and rule, and just incidentally genocide on the side, diligence to the task at hand planned by a huge bureaucracy dedicated to mass slaughter, succeeded to quite a degree in exterminating the Jews of Europe. There was ample, willing and eager assistance proffered; there were at times Latvians, Poles, Lithuanians, and other East Europeans who were particularly useful in their enthusiasm.

Sometimes their useful enthusiasm reflected a brutality that eclipsed even that of the Germans themselves. In the lifetime since then, a collective shoulder-shrug reflects the attitude of the Jew haters who were given free reign to disport themselves as they saw fit, aiding the Nazi extermination machinery. All of them, needless to say, could have responded, if they had all appeared at the Nuremberg trials, with the self-exculpatory phrase: "Nicht schuldig!" As in 'just following orders' as a loyal servant of the state.

Individual Lithuanians, Latvians, Hungarians, Estonians, Slovaks, Poles, Ukrainians, among others quite distinguished themselves. Yet among them there were truly those who distinguished themselves, risking their own lives and the lives of their families to compassionately shield the condemned Jews if and when they could. They followed their own conscience, and certainly not the example of the Catholic Church, which tremblingly and daintily 'did what they could' to take in Jewish orphans to extinguish their Jewishness.

Fascist Germany is gone, a relic of a shameful past. Now there is compassionate Germany which has surrendered its very soul, its culture, its heritage to the compelling need to give haven to a veritable unstoppable flood of tribal Muslim refugees and haven seekers, opportunists seeking economic advance, and oppressed people representing minorities who have been brutalized, seeking shelter from the endemic poverty and violence, who have already begun to re-shape Germany to reflect their numbers' entitlements.

During the Second World War, Jews living in the Middle East, far removed from Europe, were facing their own existential dilemma with the advent of Arab and Muslim leaders championing the Nazis and emulating European pogroms against local Jews. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, a particular colleague in heart and soul of Adolf Hitler, arranged with the Third Reich to keep Palestine closed to Jewish refugees. Even Britain aided the Arabs in ensuring that Jews desperately seeking to escape genocide could not enter the Holy Land.

And now, Europe is becoming Arabized and Muslimized. European traditions, religion, culture and heritage is being sifted aside to make place for Islam and its demands. Other traditions have entered Europe, to complement Europe's own. The Muslim hatred for Jews manifested by Israel's presence in the Middle East meriting a succession of wars to extinguish its presence, has been imported along with the migrants, the refugees, the earlier waves of immigrants establishing themselves in persuasive numbers along with their destabilizing ideology of religious exceptionalism.

Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Holland have re-discovered their distaste for Jews in the full knowledge that the sheer weight of their Muslim demographics promises violent demonstrations should they recognize and support Israel's legitimate presence in the Middle East. From France to Belgium, Britain to Germany, the sheer volume of the Muslim presence has transformed the landscape of Europe's houses of worship.

The vocal, insistent and entitled demands of Muslims not merely for equality but superior entitlements bespeaks their belief in their exceptionalism, in the religion that refuses the existence of other religions where Islam forbids any ostentatious presentations of symbols other than its own. The virulent anti-Semitism that suffuses majority Muslim populations steeps itself and burrows its way into the willing minds of Europeans.

The falsity of the "Palestinian cause" as a celebrated indication of Jewish perfidy and brutality is a figment of skilled public relations that appeals so hugely to a European population leery of provoking the Muslim beast that now resides in its midst for any critique of Islam, of its Prophet, of its sacred writings, is capable of unleashing a frighteningly, mindless backlash of violence that squeamish Europeans would prefer to avoid.

So if it takes the victimization of Jews once again in Europe to appease the floodtide of hatred newly awakened in Europe, then so be it.

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