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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Stealth Infiltration : Incurious Acceptance

"In November 2014, while testifying before the Senate Committee on National Security and Defence, I raised the issue of Islamic clerics using mosque sermons to attack the foundational principles of Western civilization and liberal secular democracy."
"Liberal Senator Grant Mitchell was outraged by my testimony that at most Canadian mosques, the Friday congregation includes a ritual prayer asking, 'Allah to give victory to Muslims over the 'Kufaar' (non-Muslims).' In a heated exchange with me, the senator suggested I wasn't telling the truth, implying I was motivated by Islamophobia. Sadly, Sen. Mitchell is not alone in such views."
Tarek Fatah, Toronto writer, broadcaster, Muslim of reasonable faith

We refuse to believe what is before our very eyes. A succession of Muslim Canadians from Alberta travelled infamously to the Middle East to take up the scimitar to avenge Muslims whom they have been taught to believe have been victimized and slaughtered by armies of the West in a concerted effort to destroy Islam. Although the Internet is an undeniable source of inspiration for restive Muslim youth looking to identify with their 'cause' as defenders of the faith, there are ample real-time, real-life venues that provide more direct and personal connections to jihad, recruiting those same young Muslims.

In mosques and social centers, at conferences and in universities, agents of Islamist jihad have been busy persuasively convincing young men of their duty as Muslims to martyrdom and  jihad and they find an all-too-willing audience, all too often. Muslims listening to these lectures but who have no will to be recruited to violent jihad still have the mindset that it is a sacred duty that the young and the willing should fulfill. People like Tarek Fatah who dedicate their every moment in attempts to interdict and counter the anti-Western attitudes find themselves frustrated, their actions deplored.

Western attitudes toward foreign-sourced religious and ideological and political and social freedoms are relaxed and welcoming, seeing no threat posed by radicals other than when an unfortunate incident takes place and blood is shed and everyone rushes to declare their understanding that these are isolated incidents perpetrated by psychopaths. The general Muslim population declares itself shocked and complains of being lumped into the same barrel of suspicion as the rotten apples among them. Yet rotten or compliant, moderate or not, the inspirational source of jihad is Islam and the Koran.

Until a mass movement determining to expunge from the Koran and from Islam the passages that are so venerated and viewed as so critical to Islam that lead to suspicion and hatred and violence takes place to bring Islam to a place of respect for others and for others' religions and values, the claims of Muslims that those perpetrating hideous acts of barbarity and declaring themselves enemies of Western values are not true Muslims, ring false.

A speaker addresses the Hizb-ut-Tahrir conference in Mississauga, Ontario, on May 21

Among other instances of Islamist fundamentalism that Tarek Fatah writes of, is the recent conference by the Islamist group Hizb-ut-Tahrir, (an Islamist group outlawed in some countries) to discuss the re-establishment of a global Islamic caliphate. According to a Pakistani-Canadian writer with whom Mr. Fatah spoke afterward, people at the event, listening to the speakers gave them full credit for their views:
"The first speaker reminded Muslims that they are obligated to implement Allah's orders that fulfill the Islamic State. It is "not permissible for us to choose' he said, citing the Quran. However, he said it was necessary to win the public's hearts and minds; and to partner with people of power, citing examples from the life of the Prophet."
"At the end, a three-minute video was presented to demonstrate the collective oil and natural gas production capabilities of the Muslim world, the human capital needed to mine and process these resources ... the military power required to protect them and the types of weapons needed to make such a military effective."
And, as Mr. Fatah pointed out in his article published in the Middle East Forum, the current Liberal government of Canada under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a man with no experience of the world, but who greatly values smiley-faces and selfies, has seen fit to authorize a $200,000 grant for a mosque in southern Ontario linked to the Muslim Brotherhood (another outlawed Islamist group), as part of the government's debt-ridden infrastructure development program.

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