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Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Monsters Among Us

"As a matter of law, she has done her 12 year sentence and she is a free person. Knowing that she is in Quebec with three children and living a normal life presents some real problems.
"For my clients, there she is: she is able to spend her life with her children; she can tuck them into bed; she can spend the time, she can hold them. My clients can’t do that because she participated in their murder."
"Law enforcement has the discretion whether or not to warn the public at large if they really feel that there’s, you know, any kind of imminent danger. If I was living there and my kids were in that situation, I would want to know. I would want to be able to make informed decisions over my own children’s well-being and safety. I believe that’s information that I am entitled to."
Tim Danson, lawyer for Bernardo murder victim families

"She does have a right to stay on the street, but it won't be fun for her children, especially at school. You know how kids are."
"It will be hard for her to escape her past."
Bruce Richter, resident of Chateauguay, Montreal South Shore
With all due respects to Mr. Richter, he is wrong. Karla Homolka has escaped her past. She did it, in fact, immediately after she was found guilty of contributing to the deaths of three teen-age girls. In her time in prison she distinguished herself there, too, becoming popular among some of the young female inmates, and managing even in the confines of incarceration to party, and to find the time and the place for intimate relations with male inmates.

What seemed a bit of a surprise is that her youth and 'fame', her pretty face and personality gave her a certain popularity in prison among the other inmates, even though it might have been anticipated [wrongly] that the horror of her crimes might have enraged others through its blatant inhumanity and cruel malice toward young girls, in her service to her husband's rabid sexual perversions. She has a carefree mind, suffering no torments of guilt over her role in destroying young lives.

Her active and eager participation in the abduction, torture and rape of fourteen-year-old Leslie Mahaffy and fifteen-year-old Kristen French, most certainly distinguish this woman as a psychopath of the first order. That she also inducted her fifteen-year-old sister Tammy into the fires of hell through another rape fantasy of her husband fulfilled, leading to her sister's death as well, speaks volumes of Homolka's soulless existence.

Oh, but of course, she is not Karla Homolka. She is Leanne Teale. And in that re-naming of herself is another story of her warped mind since she and husband Bernardo took that name after marriage in honour of a serial killer in the film Criminal Law named Teale, a character much admired by her husband. Given the name's provenance and her clinging to it, that too expresses a woman of rare perversion.

She helped her husband destroy the lives of three young girls. And now she is the mother of three children, fast approaching the age of the three she helped murder. There are times when there simply is no justice. None for her own children, to be the offspring of such a monster. "They have been nice people. I feel very sad for the children", remarked a woman who unknowingly lives next to the family whose presence has horrified all he neighbours at the revelation of who she is.

Ms. Homolka-Teale is much exercised with annoyance over the anxious kerfuffle that her presence has caused. She called police to ensure that reporters respect her privacy and stay away from her property. Her new husband informed the press that if their neighbours felt concern they could always move away.

Parents whose children attend Centennial Park elementary school are concerned over the presence of this woman's children at the school. Not of a certainty concern that the children of a murderer attends classes with their own children, but the residual horror of knowing that such a woman has borne children at all, after having deprived other women of theirs and in such a horrific way.

Her presence is a reminder that evil stalks the world.

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