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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Champion of Mendacity

"Well, just so you understand, I don't know anything about David Duke, OK? I don't know anything about what you're even talking about with white supremacy or white supremacists." 2016
"I leave the Reform Party to David Duke, Pat Buchanan and Lenora Fulani. That is not company I wish to keep." 2000
Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidate in memory lapse

Well, we're talking about Donald Trump again. This time it's specifically because he refused to disavow the support of David Duke and the KKK during an appearance on CNN

A fascist blackguard at heart, given to public displays of offensive and buffoonish expressions, the Republican Party of the U.S. of A. is suffering well-earned heart palpitations over the possibility, seemingly more real as time goes by in the theatre of American party politics reaching toward the fall general election that will see President Barack Obama vacate the White House, as the spectre of Donald Trump prevailing as president looms on the near horizon.

Americans have elected some peculiarly unlikely candidates for the presidency in the past. One, a born-again Georgia peanut farmer, Jimmy Carter, was a disaster as a president. Another, a grade B actor and Hollywood union leader, Ronald Regan, has become a beloved icon of Republican values, credited with helping to bring down the Berlin Wall leading to the eventual dissolution of the Soviet Union, the monolith he called the "Evil Empire".

Something about Democratic presidents; John F. Kennedy went to Berlin and declared himself a native son, while it was a Republican who called for the city to be reunited, and it was. It was another Democrat whose time in office coincided with the 1979 Iranian Islamist revolution that led to the storming of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and its sacking, and the abduction and detaining of its staff in revenge against American meddling in Persian political affairs. They were released only with the election of a Republican president.

And it has taken a current Democratic president to give license to the Islamic Republic of Iran to get on with their nuclear program with an appropriate hiatus, through uranium enrichment on their way to a nuclear bomb to match their advanced long-range ballistic missiles, choosing to end sanctions that crippled the Iranian economy making it exceedingly more difficult to fund its proxy terrorist groups, and supporting the destructive war that the Syrian President Bashar al Assad wages against his Sunni civilians in Syria.

Candidates for each of America's political parties somehow fail to reflect the intelligence, resolution, and capabilities of its excellence in the sciences, in academia, in technology; in fact in mostly all indices of an advanced society (save racial bigotry). The branch of politics is a science separate and apart, and overwhelmingly staffed by egotistical charlatans anxious to make their impression on history with their legacies of 'to-war-or-not-to-war' in an increasingly unstable world.

Never before, however, of a certainty has a more problematical candidate for the presidency arisen to match the persona and character of Donald Trump. His utterances logically should make intelligent people wince in dismay at the very least, become frustrated and enraged that someone of his ilk could make such an unbelievable impact on the electorate, clamouring to hear his latest outrages and to applaud his 'honesty' and 'unaffected style'. They are enraptured by the whiff of his flamboyance and wealth in a culture obsessed by celebrity.

This is a man whom sources state keeps a publication of Adolf Hitler's admired speeches at his bedside. This is a man who admires and repeats Benito Mussolini's philosophical utterances. This is a man who finds it difficult to repudiate a leader of the infamous Ku Klux Klan since, for a man with a much-vaunted memory, he was incapable of recalling just who Duke and the Klan represented. Anyone who supports Trump for president is beyond reproach.

And anyone who brings up the matter of a class-action civil lawsuit revolving around the former Trump University is most discourteous. The matter of a one-year apprenticeship that Trump sold easy marks on paying tens of thousands for the privilege of hearing him briefly discourse on his success, turned out to be a seminar lasting three days where attendees were free to take privileged photographs of themselves beside a Trump cardboard cutout.

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