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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

"Allah Give Our Mujahedeen Angels"

"Allah break the backs of the tyrants and the oppressors and the unjust and those nations of the world that are with them."
"Allah they have gathered against us and are scheming against us, so scheme against them. Trick them, kill them."
"Our youth are waging battles in the Libyan east, youth, men who were honest in what they promised Allah. And so some of them died, and others are waiting. We are waiting for martyrdom in the name of Allah. And by Allah this is our path until we push back evil. We will not stop nor resign."
"Our honour, our money, our children, our wives, our family, all in the name of Allah [await martyrdom]."
Libyan Cleric Abdu Albasset Egwilla, Tripoli, Libya
An attack killed Owais Egwilla , the son of a former Ottawa cleric, Abdu Albasset Egwilla
Facebook   An attack killed Owais Egwilla , the son of a former Ottawa cleric, Abdu Albasset Egwilla

Islam was founded in the 7th Century as a monotheistic religion, based on Judaism and Christianity, the third iteration of the original some speak of as the Abrahamic trilogy. Islam's interlocutor with Allah was confident in informing his followers that god considered the third version his final opus, authorizing the Prophet Mohammad to instruct his followers in the Muslim faith to regard Islam's predecessors as outdated, but that the 'People of the Book', the Saturday and the Sunday people should be given the opportunity to convert to Islam before they are slaughtered.

Of course, they also have the alternative of retaining their religious faith, quietly, without ostentation, but resolved to live obediently under Islamic rule, and taxed heavily for the privilege, as well as foregoing the privileges extended to those of the Muslim faith. Jews and Christians must always give way for Muslims, since they are inferior and must always know their place, as supplicants to a higher order. Under those circumstances, tolerance for their presence is allowed, but their places of worship will not be protected.

Islam is a religion of peace only as that peace pertains to life under Islamic rule. Since Islamist societies represent the 'House of Peace', and non-Muslim societies are identified as the 'House of War', Muslims who practise their faith as it is written in the Koran may never be at peace with non-believers. They are enjoined to enlist themselves without equivocation in holy war, jihad, to advance Islamic rule. Islam is a religion whose spread worldwide has not succeeded with cajoling soft words to convince the infidels that submission to Islam is to their benefit.

It is a religion of conquest, violence, both of which made astonishing inroads for Islam in the years following the Prophet's death. And since that time, his message to the faithful has been observed and honoured as an precious obligation; aspirational martyrdom is the most elevated status a believer can attain to. And this is what Owais Egwilla, formerly a Libyan living with his father, Abdu Albasset Egwilla, an Islamic cleric, in Ottawa aspired to, and achieved.

Imam Abdu Albasset Egwilla left Ottawa with his son Owais Egwilla. He did, however, in his praise for Allah, advise Libyans living in Canada that they should aspire to become shahids, martyrs for the cause, and they had no need to travel abroad to achieve that purpose, they could find their purpose right where they were, presumably in Canada. The battle "against the people of evil" has no bounds and no boundaries.
"Inside the mosque, it is not permitted at all [calling for jihad]. The mosque is for worship. It is for prayer."
"You want to talk about politics, take it to Tim Hortons. We have no room for this. This kind of behaviour is not accepted at all."
"Political tendencies can change from one moment to another. Nine years now (since Imam Egwilla left Ottawa, anything could happen."
Mohammed Mostefa, president, Assunnah Muslim Association
Since the Koran places jihad as the uppermost responsibility of pious Muslims, how can it be taken out of the mosque? What is described in that quote is 'politics' is in fact the essence of Islam. In fact, most sermons close with an admonition warning the faithful against the untrustworthiness of the kuffar and the responsibility of Muslims to counter their evil. These classical utterances out of Islam's holy book of instruction to the faithful are part of the Islamic liturgy, the divine precepts of Allah.

However, Mr. Mostefa insists that Imam Egwilla hadn't been preaching jihad throughout his time in Ottawa. So the imam who now issues fire-and-brimstone speeches to the faithful in Libya, railing against the current one-half government and the general leading its military speaks of jihad; he wants a unified country in Libya -- totally rent with sectarian and tribal violence with Islamic State making inroads -- but his version of unification includes Salafist Islamist Sharia, and the second government is clearly no better than the infidels.

His son had been with his fellow fighters in Benghazi when a barrel bomb unleashed by the forces of General Khalida Haftar, martyred them all. The Shura Council of Benghazi Revolutionaries posted a Facebook message that Egwilla and another man had perished "after a battle they waged against a group from the disbelieving forces", according to SITE.

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