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Monday, December 07, 2015

Rising "Islamophobia"

"[The Obama Administration is] living in a fantasyland, a bubble, where they have a pre-concocted narrative that terrorism is the result of economic hardship, political disenfranchisement… global warming, climate change is much more dangerous… the real jayvee team is ISIS, al-Qaeda is on the ropes… This is the narrative that they’ve spun themselves into for seven years, and anything that counters that, any shock of reality that goes against the White House meme, has to be ignored. So let’s talk about gun control. It’s incredible."
"Let’s not talk about jihad, let’s not talk about why these people do it.  Let’s talk about gun control.  It’s like a bad Saturday Night Live skit in my opinion."
"The war is real.  The war is here. 30 percent of the 82 people we’ve killed or arrested in America in the last two years [for ISIS involvement] didn’t want to go abroad to be jihadis. They wanted to kill Americans in America.  This is a war that is real and global.  Jihad has arrived at the shores of America.  9/11 isn’t history – it is now."
"We need leadership that says one thing very clearly: we have an enemy – not global climate change, the enemy is global jihad, and these people are evil."
Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Breitbart National Security contributor, Chair of Military Theory, Marine Corps University

"I know that after so much war, many Americans are asking whether we are confronted by a cancer that has no immediate cure. The threat from terrorism is real, but we will overcome it."
"This was an act of terrorism designed to kill innocent people. What we can do and must do, is make it harder for them to kill [by tightening gun laws]."
"[The spread of radical Islam within the U.S. is] a real problem that Muslims must confront without excuse."
President Barack Obama
Muslim Brotherhood lobbyist Anas Altikriti standing next to Iraqi Parliament Speaker Usama al-Nujaifi shaking hands with President Obama
Anas Altikriti (senior member of Muslim Brotherhood) standing next to Iraqi Parliament Speaker Usama al-Nujaifi shaking hands with President Obama / Flickr

Well, then! The President's caution to the American people not to hold their fellow Muslim citizens responsible for the evil done by jihadis gave comfort to some. The Muslim Brotherhood has entree to the Oval Office; they have President Obama's ear and he listens carefully as though what they have to tell him will reflect the fact that they are 'moderate' Islam personified, whereas in reality their incubation foretold those of all their successors. When the president urges Muslims to do something about the pretenders-to-Islam hijacking their religion in the creation of pious carnage, perhaps he should look to whether the Brotherhood has his ear.

The President's initiative in the wake of the latest Islamist atrocity in his country is to urge Congress to pass authorization to approve legislation so that those on the "no-fly list"; pinpointed specifically because there are concerns over their allegiance and their possible Islamist interests and contacts -- would be prevented from obtaining firearms. That is, obtaining them through a legal process. Jihadists are nothing if not determined, and in the black market that thrives anywhere and most particularly in America, procuring weapons would be no problem.

He did emphasize that the nation's law enforcement and intelligence communities are unable always without fail to identify threats and neutralize them before they become yet another jihadist atrocity. Which was why, he emphasized, gun laws must be tightened, as a matter of consolidating national security. Gun laws should indeed be tightened but not in response necessarily to the attacks by Islamist jihadists. To link Islamist jihad and domestic gun laws entirely misses the point.

And the point is the infiltration into America of the poisonous elixir of Muslim triumphalism as expressed through successful jihadist attacks. Even those that are apprehended can be regarded as successes, since they have elicited the terror reaction they were meant to produce, putting the country and its citizens on high alert, and causing new and possibly useless defensive props to be installed, costly to the nation and with but a thin veneer of security.

When warning a society that government agencies are pressed to the limit, doing all they can to thwart such attacks, and succeeding mostly, but failing on occasion, that society has been placed on alert that their government is not quite capable of protecting them adequately. When warning people that as citizens they must be alert to anything unusual that can be reported to authorities to avert calamity, a general atmosphere of low-grade panic is not far from the surface.

In alerting people in general that the Muslim community is entitled to the same considerations as any other Americans, people are being informed that government is there for the protection of all, which is all to the good, but it is well to remember that it is within the mosques and the Islamic social services institutions that American values and virtues are being undermined. Among the vast numbers of innocent Muslims do indeed lurk maleficent usurpers of public order.

Islamist terrorist groups are well represented throughout the West and their presence is well enough known to the broader Muslim community, from among many of which there is sympathy for their Islamist agenda. Islamists cleverly know how to twist situations to reflect the helplessness of Muslims when they and more likely their religion are held responsible for the violence of jihadists. They are turned into victims. And their accusers are Islamophobes. 
"Hate-filled rhetoric and anti-Muslim attacks are putting the lives of American Muslims and their families in real danger."
"We are particularly concerned by an emerging pattern of government officials and employees, as well as other public figures, seeming to endorse or encourage violence against Muslims."
Nihad Awad, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

Remember, terrorism has become an Islamist tool of first choice. It is a choice made by Islamists as a weapon against the West. Their intention is to prevail in jihad which their religion instructs the devout to engage with. To enable Islam to be empowered through the surrender claimed by Islam as its right in the larger purpose of achieving global domination. Achieved in time through the steady infiltration of Islam throughout the lands of non-Muslims for the patient.

For those prepared to accelerate the process, it is Islamist jihad wielding the venomous violence of terrorism that becomes the choice where two things can be accomplished; venerated martyrdom in the process of diminishing the number of non-believers from a life they do not deserve.

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