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Sunday, December 27, 2015


"The massive migration and stream of refugees now coming to Europe and Denmark are of a magnitude that challenges the fundamental premises of our society in the near future... According to our analysis, the stark economic consequences of the current number of refugees and immigrants will consume all room for maneuver in public finance within a few years. Non-Western immigrants have historically been difficult to integrate into the labor market; the same applies to the Syrians that are now arriving. The more, the harder, the more expensive... Finally, it is our analysis that given our previous experience with integrating non-Western people into our society, we are facing a social catastrophe when it comes to handling many tens of thousands that are soon to be channeled into society. Every bit of progress in terms of integration will be put back to zero. ... Therefore our conclusion is clear: We will do all we can to limit the number of non-Western refugees and immigrants coming to the country. That is why we have gone far -- and much farther than we had dreamed of going... We are doing this because we will not sacrifice our welfare society in the name of humanitarianism. For the welfare society ... is the political project of the Social Democratic Party. It is a society built on the principles of liberty, equality and solidarity. Mass immigration -- as we have seen in, for example, Sweden -- will undermine ... our welfare society."                                                                              Henrik Sass Larsen MP, leader, Social Democratic parliamentary group, Denmark
A group of migrants, mainly from Syria, walk along a highway in Denmark on Monday. They intend to reach Sweden and seek asylum there.
A group of migrants, mainly from Syria, walk along a highway in Denmark on Monday. They intend to reach Sweden and seek asylum there. SCANPIX DENMARK / REUTERS

In the past six months, states the Danish-Swedish website Snaphanen, buildings which were planned to house asylum seekers have on forty occasions been burned to the ground. No one was hurt in these events, yet alone killed, but a message not so mysterious was delivered and received. No one held to be guilty of sending these messages has been detected, and nor has any one individual or identifiable group claimed responsibility, despite their obvious organization.

Danish demographers have recognized the impending reality, that third-world immigrants and their offspring, whether having achieved citizenship or not, will eventually become the majority in the population of Denmark some time before this century's end. Many, if not most of this majority will be Muslim. Moreover, well before mid-century, the Muslim-Danish aggregate will be sufficiently large to have altered the composition and character of Denmark.

Why should the Danes go uncomplainingly, and gently into that societal-cultural black curtain that spells the last act of their own heritage? Perhaps because it is too late to do anything much about what now looms as an inevitability. Perhaps because it goes against the Danish temperament and character to deny their own sacrifice to enrich the lives of others. Not that there hasn't been lash-back from among the population of late.

And not that Swedes, observing their own level of generosity to the hordes of Syrian refugees flooding Europe, celebrate their open-handedness while deploring the closed-fist approach of a neighbour with whom they had shared a geography and heritage which now distances itself from both. Sweden's open welcome to any and all asylum-seekers will see its own culture and heritage transformed beyond recognition.

And in Denmark, a bit of resentment against the impossible situation the country has been forced into by its own nature and by events beyond its capacity to control, has arisen. Denmark has published advertisements in Lebanese newspapers warning any who might consider seeking asylum in Denmark, not to bother coming; Denmark will turn them out, simply because its population has become too threateningly diluted.

"The bill ... provides the Danish authorities with the power to search clothes and luggage of asylum seekers -- and other migrants without a permit to stay in Denmark -- with a view to finding assets which may cover the expenses [of settlement]", advised Mia Tang, press spokeswoman for the Danish Ministry of Integration. "[Too many refugees] put pressure on the Danish society and make it more difficult to ensure a successful integration of those who come to Denmark."

She refers to a new law being considered, permitting authorities to confiscate jewellery from refugees who enter Denmark. Refugees already in Denmark would also be affected if the bill passes. Valuables and cash excessive to people's actual needs could be seized by police, under this law. "The new rule on seizure will only apply to assets of a considerable value", according to the Integration Ministry.

Foreigners  would "keep assets which are necessary to maintain a modest standard of living such as watches and mobile phones. Furthermore, assets which have a certain personal sentimental value to a foreigner will not, as a main rule, be seized unless they have [considerable] value." Well certainly this initiative will help Denmark to pay for settling/accommodating the presence of refugees/migrants, feeding them, teaching a new language.

Will it be enough to dissuade new aspirants from trending to Denmark, though?

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