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Saturday, November 14, 2015

History In The Making

The central and primal tenet of Islam is surrender. This is followed by the imperative of prosetylization. For this is a totalitarian ideology posing as a religion, one that has gathered to itself a significant number of the world's population. It did this, through the prodigious efforts of its founder, a man who helped himself generously to religions that predated his own, both the original religion of monotheism, Judaism, and its eventual offshoot, Christianity.

After having ransacked the two predecessor-religions, the Prophet Mohammad, a charismatic who convinced those prepared to believe that Allah had granted him the obligation to gather behind him all who accepted the premise that one supreme being was prepared to guide them in conquest, he simply set about using them as a military force to coerce the unwilling to surrender.
Journey of the Prophet Muhammad; Leaf from a copy of the Majmac al–tawarikh (Compendium of Histories), ca. 1425; Timurid   Herat, Afghanistan

The kinder, gentler, peace-loving portions of the holy script of the Koran appeals to most of its present-day followers. In the 7th Century, the fundamental tenets written into that script were geared to the appeal they would have for traditional war-mongering, territorial-compulsive Bedouin tribes for whom the admixture of conducting bloody wars to achieve the victory of conquest on behalf of a totalitarian religion demanding that its adherents surrender their individuality to the commands of a supreme being, an omniscient and all-powerful deity, resulted in its exponential growth.

Owing to the success of a theistic movement that harnessed both general human traits compelling to warfare, and the need to be an integral part of a social phenomenon.

The religion was built upon the precepts of pre-existing religions, to adopt and to venerate earlier prophets and saints as their own, merely altering their messages to their own particular purpose and claiming that in doing so, Islam as the third presentation, also represented the final and finished version of what god meant his humans to worship and to obey.

In early societies of the Middle East where existence was challenged by other groups eager to take possession of whatever territory, goods and food sources could be had by conflict and pillaging, a measure of tolerance for those willing to adapt to Islam took place.

That tolerance slipped easily into coercion, intimidation and outright oppression aimed at communities unwilling to adopt Islam as their heavenly solace and the penalty of that unwillingness was to be subjected to violent raids, risk of death and slavery, although historically there are ample examples where Muslims enslaved other Muslims, as Arab traders did with African Muslims, profiting from the sale of black slaves to non-Muslim Western slave-traders, when those slaves they gathered up were also surplus to their own needs.

In male-centered [patriarchal] societies throughout the world half of any population was conventionally  subservient to the other half, not by choice, but by the force of physical superiority. And since females were held in esteem for nature's design that enabled them to give birth to future generations their capacity as breeding stock was highly valued. Just as cattle and sheep were valued as prize possessions denoting wealth, so too were women valued for their natural endowment as sex objects and the bringers-forth of new life.

In Islam that recognition of women as the carriers of the future is paramount, but leavened with the understanding within Islam that men remain superior to women, elevated above them in all measures of worth, and that consequently women must be acknowledged as possessions of the males who dominate them; whether father, husband or son.

Above all, the central tenet of Islam as a proselytizing religion whose purpose is to transform the world into a monopolistic Islamic-worshipping community (ummah) drives the faithful to comply with the obligation to engage in jihad.

Ummah (Islamic community) distribution map according to Pew Research

Jihad can be accomplished in many ways; through the stealth reaction of migrants carrying Islam to non-Muslim countries in numbers sufficient to eventually suffocate the prevailing, indigenous culture, laws and religion, in a time-consuming but eventually successful 'natural' conversion led by overwhelming numbers and their consequent influence, or by the violent conquest of populations of non-Muslims through the commission of mass assaults, threats and compulsion through fear.

The world is witnessing a convulsive period in Islamic history where mainstream Islam, divided into two competing and adversarial sects, each proclaiming itself expressive of true Islam [in an argument over succession], the other false, is at war with itself, as Sunnis and Shiites clash in violently hostile aversion to one another's message. And while those sectarian wars decimate populations, sending countless hordes of Muslims from either sect into homelessness, they begin to migrate abroad where host countries righteously condemn the violence while offering haven to the afflicted.

Those afflicted constitute an advance invasion whose humanitarian need once satisfied, will begin to agitate within the larger community for equality, until they advance their argument for their laws and values to replace the existing ones outside of Islam, while the indigenous populations watch in dismay as all that is familiar representing their own heritage is slowly engulfed and they can find no place for themselves in this new environment, alien and hostile to their own swiftly fading one.

If that doesn't happen quickly enough, there are the violent atrocities planned and executed by foreign invaders with the ready assistance and approval of some of their co-religionists already in residence in non-Muslim countries.

This is history in the making.

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