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Monday, November 09, 2015

Disillusioned and Traumatized?

"It is possible that some residents of Canada who have joined with ISIL may be among those foreign fighters who are attempting to flee the region and return to their home country." 
"Disillusioned and traumatized foreign fighters [taking part in extremist violence in Syria and Iraq [may be attempting to slither back into Canada]."
"CBSA frontline personnel would be the first government officials to encounter foreign fighters, including individuals who joined ISIL; enforcement actions [might be required against returnees]."
"The CBSA has encountered suspected foreign fighters at all major airports in Canada and several land POEs [points of entry], both inbound and outbound."
"The reports that some foreign fighters [are] attempting to flee ISIL may indicate a drop in morale among their foreign recruits because of the recent military setbacks ISIL has suffered at the hands of Iraqi forces and Kurdish militias, both backed by Western air power, in Iraq and Syria."
Canada Border Services Agency report

"If these men and women are truly disillusioned, they could be quite useful in de-radicalization efforts. They could be used for outreach and prevention, because they could talk honestly about their motivations, and talk honestly about what they found when they got there."
"Some of these fighters are highly trained as snipers and as bomb-makers, and are not the kind of guys I want wandering around [if they are still actively engaged]. The challenge for law enforcement is to understand and spot the difference."
Professor Amarnath Amarasingam, Dalhousie University
Honestly? Perhaps naivete plays a bit part in this recommendation?

Members of the Canadian Border Services Agency.
THE CANADIAN PRESS File / Jonathan Hayward    Members of the Canadian Border Services Agency.

"Terrorist travellers", always a concern, have become more so of late, given the return of an estimated 80 Canadians who had left the country to join Islamic State fighting in Syria and in Iraq. Dozens of radicalized Canadians remain with ISIL, however, and it is anticipated that as the Islamic State jihadis come under continued attack, the incidence of foreign volunteers attempting to leave their numbers to return to their points of origin may increase.

It seems that the leaders of Islamic State anticipate this state of affairs as well, and they are none too pleased with the actions of foreign volunteers who decide they've had enough of fighting for the caliphate. Setbacks do tend to focus the mind on matters other than adhering forever to the allure of the martyrdom culture, when the chances of achieving that end increase as the main body of defence/offence struggles to maintain its position of dominance.

A CBSA briefing that had been classified "Canadian Eyes Only" was released in declassified form, and within it there is the information that a "growing number" of Canadian jihadi volunteers continue to travel abroad to foreign conflicts with "active terrorist elements", recruiting and training them for that very special mission unique to Islam at the present time; that of world conquest. Now, concerns have emerged that Western foreign fighters have been aggrievedly informing family they are being shabbily treated by the Islamists.

ISIL, it appears, has turned its malevolence so well known through its sinister beheading videos and other means of conducting atrocities against those representing their enemies, upon the very foreign jihadis that had gone to great lengths to join them in their mission. The execution of a hundred disillusioned foreign jihadis who had planned to leave the region and return whence they came has created a rather gloomy atmosphere among the volunteers.

ISIL has created a military police detachment whose purpose it is to 'penalize' those ingrates who fail to report for duty. Evidently a whopping 400 fighters had been arrested in an initial sweep that took place at ISIL headquarters, Raqqa, Syria. Morale, it seems, has plunged among the foreign recruits. So CBSA has helpfully compiled lists of "membership risk indicators" to remain alert to, to aid frontline officers to identify terrorist travellers.

They have been advised to be on the watch for flags and insignia of the major armed extremist groups in Syria and Iraq, and to become familiar with the hand signals used. Which may translate to more discretion among Canadian sympathizers in the symbols and emblems they have heretofore used with a degree of public abandon, perhaps as free-speech entitlements. ISIL is "actively recruiting young females predominantly from Western countries", read an intelligence report.

With "cases involving females as young as 15; once recruited, females often enter into an arranged marriage to fighters. Females are becoming more active in front line roles as well as used to 'breed' the next generation of fighters", reads a brief in the CBSA's Security Intelligence Section. The search and detection of returnees, in other words, may comprise as well, entire little families of hate-mongers and life-destroyers.

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