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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

United Nations, Global Arbiter of Justice

"My visit reflects the sense of global alarm at the dangerous escalation in violence between Israelis and Palestinians. I am here to encourage and support all efforts to lower tensions and prevent he situation from spinning out of control."
"It's not too late to avoid a broader crisis."
"I know  our hopes for peace have been dashed countless times. You are angry at the continued occupation and expansion of settlements. I am not asking you to be passive, but you must put down the weapons of despair [addressing Palestinians]."
"When children are afraid to go to school, when anyone on the street is a potential victim, security is rightly your immediate priority. But walls, checkpoints, harsh responses by the security forces and house demolitions cannot sustain the peace and safety that you need and must have [addressing Israeli Jews]."
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
The position of UN secretary-general is that of the ultimate diplomat. And the exercise of moral equivalency is the epitome of diplomacy; at the very least it is what is considered to be politically correct in observation and in deed. Indeed, one expects no less and no more of anyone representing the United Nations where corruption of human rights' recognition and condemnation of Israel runs rampant through the general assembly, for its very existence is seen as a  reproach of the rights of the powerful Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League.

So influential are they that what is undeniably the heritage of ancient Israel can be contorted to recognition by the United Nation's arbiter of world heritage sites, UNESCO, as Palestinian in origin and heritage, as has been approved in the application of the Palestinian Authority to find that the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron and Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem, both of which are located in territory which was original to ancient Israel, now located in the West Bank, to be recognized as "an integral part of Palestine".

An official statement of an official heritage-recognition-granting body of the United Nations, speaking on behalf of the global community, that is putrid with the corruption of historical fact. UNESCO also considered an combined proposal backed by six Arab members of UNESCO, to declare the Western Wall, adjacent the Temple Mount, the sole remaining portion of the second Temple of Solomon, a Muslim heritage site.
The Western Wall in Jerusalem, shown in March, was added to the Unesco World Heritage List in 1981. Credit De Agostini/Getty Images

Mr. Ban exercised his franchise as the UN's secretary-general to equate the separation wall, checkpoints and security forces' protection of Israeli citizens with the searingly vicious assaults that Palestinians commit to in their murderous attacks on Israeli Jews. As though the latter were not responsible for the former. No country plans to occupy another in perpetuity out of a need to protect itself from ongoing assaults, unless it is forced by circumstances to do so.

In speaking of the incendiary assaults by Palestinians against Israelis as an outcome of Israeli actions, he is in fact, condoning the violence. It may be the essence of diplomacy to speak with the caution required not to offend as he would most certainly do by pointing out that Palestinian youth are responding to the indoctrination of hate they are exposed to from the time their minds can comprehend the demands of their elders to be consumed with rage that can only be appeased through violence.

When any country is faced with the incessant attacks of violent, murderous intention that Israel is exposed to, there is an obligation to use all measures at their disposal to protect themselves from assault. Israel has always been accused of disproportionate response to insanely viral violence directed toward it, on a scale not tolerated by any other country of the world. When Palestinian attackers use deadly force to extract as many deaths as possible in a martyrdom exercise, the world, it seems, feels Israel should simply allow itself to be victimized.

The pretext used by the Palestinian Authority, always spoken of as "moderate", though it incites those they represent to vengeance against a people with the temerity to insist that they too have a right to exist, that Israel is an oppressor, speaks the lie to the reality that Israel must defend itself. Palestinians wallow in their aggrieved victimhood, cherishing that status because the world in pity looks upon them as 'refugees', requiring financial and moral support. Their longer-range aspiration is to destroy, by whatever means they can conceive of, the very existence of the State of Israel.

Whether causing death with the use of knives, guns, motor vehicles or suicide vests, Palestinians have excelled at terrorism. They gloat at the misfortune of others; causing death to Jews is the cause of great celebration; what kind of people rally themselves in the pleasure of celebrating their dedication to annihilating other human beings as a symbol of their displeasure at their existence? Islamic State certainly comes to mind; they are simply more above-board about their intentions.

The global community makes no deliberate effort to keep them, however, avowed jihadist Islamists, in a state of perpetual welfare, as it does the Palestinians. Who have, time and time again rejected any possible mutual agreement to permanently put down arms and work toward a sustainable peace arrangement that would provide each of the solitudes with the opportunity to advance their prospects to live side by side into the future.

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