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Monday, October 19, 2015

Stabilizing the Tyranny of Islam

"If we would accept 5,000 migrants per day that would mean 35,000 would be in Slovenia in ten days [accounting for those who leave for Austria]."
"That would be unacceptable."
Slovenian Interior Ministry official Bostjan Sefic

"We are waiting here four hours on the bus."
"The weather is too cold. We wear lots of shirts. The children are also in the cold. No food."
Muhammad Samin, Afghan refugee

"The decision by Hungary to close its border has certainly added to the suffering and misery and the length of the journey for these desperate people."
"There will be challenges if the process becomes slow or we have a backlog of people."
Babar Baloch, regional spokesman, Central Europe, UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Refugees are pictured at the main rail station in Munich. Some 13,015 refugees arrived in Munich yesterday alone and 1,400 more are expected to reach the city today
Refugees are pictured at the main rail station in Munich. Some 13,015 refugees arrived in Munich alone and 1,400 more are expected to reach the city today (13 September 2015)

Thousands of migrants remain stranded in fog and cold weather hoping to reach a better life in Western Europe, but their hope and aspirations are being tested since Hungary closed its border with Croatia leading to the flow of haven-seekers redirected to a slower route through Slovenia. The tiny country has agreed to take in 2,500 people each day.

That decision has stalled the movement of people fleeing countries in the Middle East, in Asia and in Africa. What those people and those countries have in common is that they are Muslims coming out of Muslim countries. Islam has proven itself incapable of helping its faithful forge a life of decency and freedom for themselves. Tyrants and dictators flourish under Islam. Sharia law mandates violent punishment for ill-doers.

And Islam also obligates its faithful to jihad in the promotion of the one true faith. Jihad is what propels those who worship Islam to promote its expansion. In that promotion other faiths are denigrated, their sacred symbols destroyed, their faithful slaughtered. But Islamic dysfunction does not focus solely on non-Muslims who must be chastened by death, but upon those who are designated Muslim apostates as well.

The schisms within Islam are deadly; one venerates the correct version of pure Islam or one is punished by death. It is not, of course, only jihadists with their deadly militias who mete out that kind of punishment on sects that do not conform with their own, or non-Muslims whose worship of other religions is an affront to Islam. And if one is a minority-sect ruler of a majority-sect state then a Syrian conflict erupts killing a quarter-million of its citizens and exiling millions more.

The exodus of millions of Muslims from Asia, Africa and the Middle East in an escape route to the West does have a solution other than European countries desperately attempting to shut out the migrants. Those Islamic countries not in militant free-fall which have expended vast treasuries from oil profits on state-of-the-art weaponry could march in to Syria to disarm its butchering ruler. Persuading Russia first to decamp might be a problem.

But if the refugees could be persuaded to march in their hundreds of thousands into Russia and claim haven there, it might have a salutary effect in convincing Vladimir Putin that the removal of Bashar al-Assad might present as a solution whose time has come. As an example to other brutal regimes to transform themselves into human-rights-respecting countries it might or might not work.

But Islam has a lot to answer for in and of and among its own.

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