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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

From the Perspective of Peaceful Islam

"I came here because Germany is safe; there is no war. Germany is the best in Europe. France is no good, you cannot get language classes there, but in Germany you can learn the language for free."
"[Sweden, though offering like aid is] too far away. It is very cold, and it is always night there."
Mohammed Mazher Alkilany, former Damascus tourism board PR consultant, refugee, Berlin
Refugees from the Middle East and Africa wait at the registration center in Berlin for a chance to receive legal asylum in Germany. Osie Greenway

Now that it has been revealed that Germany is prepared to commit to absorbing 500,000 refugees annually "for several years", on top of the 800,000 it has pledged to take immediately to help resolve the Syrian refugee crisis plaguing Europe, as refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, the Palestinian Territories, Eritrea, Sudan and Somalia have joined Syrians, all fleeing Islamist conflicts, Germany is well on its way to inevitable transformation.

Currently, without the addition of more Muslims, Germany has absorbed millions of Muslim immigrants. Germany has come a long way from its original intent to bring in Muslim labourers to solve its shortage of trade workers, intending for them to return to their country of origin, Turkey, and resolving to withhold citizenship from them in an effort to urge their return. Turks now represent the largest ethnic Islamic group within Germany. Cities like Hamburg have become Muslim-majority areas in the gradual transformation of German society and culture.

Germany has attempted to transcend its horrifying history of genocide perpetrated against Europe's Jews by becoming a kinder, gentler nation. Having decided that it could, after all, live with the presence of millions of Arabs and Muslims, it has accommodated itself to their presence, even as Germans themselves find their society and their culture fast disappearing into one transformed to reflect the presence of large numbers of Muslims accustomed to living in a total Islamic environment that excludes the presence of Western societal norms.

Yet, Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel has stated that "I believe we could surely deal with something in the order of half a million for several years". The migrant flow will not abate any time soon. People from war-torn Iraq and Syria continue to stream into Europe, and most are headed ultimately toward Germany whose generosity to Muslim refugees and asylum-seekers has become legendary. On the other side of the ledger, anywhere that Muslims tend to congregate making new homes for themselves, the presence of Jews becomes fraught.

Europe has been engulfed in a new, more vibrant and belligerent form of anti-Semitism, thanks to the presence of Muslims whose clerics keep reminding them that the Jews and the Christians are the enemies of Islam. This pernicious blight returning to Europe has settled on casting the State of Israel as the world's greatest villain. As though it is Israel's presence in a hugely Islamic geography that is responsible for Islam turning against itself, with Iraq, Libya and Syria alongside Yemen and Afghanistan in the grips of violent Islam.

Europe has been reduced to a mass refuge site for fleeing Muslims attempting to escape the stifling poverty, the miseries of tribal, ethnic and clan hatreds expressed in conflict and mass bloodbaths. Islam does nothing to heal itself of its malign influences. The Conference of Islamic Cooperation, much less the members of the Arab League have all avoided any effort expended to put a halt to the atrocities committed in the name of Islam.

Germany pledges to hire an additional three thousand police spending an extra $6.7-billion in hopes of adequately addressing their part of the refugee influx, a crisis demanding emergency housing for hundreds of thousands of people. While the fabulously wealthy Gulf states have committed to less than a billion dollars in aid to the welfare of their co-religionists, none of whom they are themselves prepared to accept as future citizens.

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