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Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Party of No Choice Left

Jews have always gravitated to support of left-leaning political parties. Jews have always known what it is like to be the social underdog, their existence threatened. It was a natural alliance. Causes that fought for the right of other ethnic and religious groups to have an equal place in society, with equal rights and protection under the law always had a large Jewish contingent. From being members of socially progressive political systems to supporting the rights of minorities, Jews had a presence.

This is what motivated Jews to be part of the Communist movement in Russia; the belief that the ideology ostensibly based on commonality of rights and opportunities would usher in a brave new world. It is why, in the United States, the Democratic Party traditionally received a walloping big portion of their funding from Jewish interests, and why Jews formed a voting bloc for the Democrats. And the same thing pertained in Canada, with the New Democratic Party being able to rely on Jewish support.

That was before Communism became the world's most infamous failed social-political experiment with dreadful human-rights-abusing consequences. When idealism demonstrated that optimism was displaced; fanatical ideologies, whether left or right; Fascist or Communist, are anti-social and regressive, as well as dangerous.

The liberal-left in Europe and North American may not be in quite the same fundamentalist ballpark as fanatical ideologies, but they who once championed the rights of Jews have now become anti-Semitic in their fixation that Jews/Israel dominate, oppress and exploit Palestinians. The new favoured underdog in today's world.

Not the original Palestinians, needless to say; themselves Jews, Israelites from ancient history to the early 20th Century, but the later arrivals, Arabs primarily from Egypt and TransJordan and Syria who proclaimed themselves Palestinians and original dwellers of the land upon which ancient Israel stood. In the process, those who declare themselves victims of Jewish occupation of Palestinian land, have cleverly adapted their language to that of peace and human rights.

While at the very same time, turning to another audience at home, promote violence and hatred, resulting from their clinging to themselves as victims at the creation of the State of Israel in a land that they aspired to have declared an Arab-Palestinian country but an aspiration that surrounding Arab countries never responded positively to. And now there is a universal "pro-Palestinian" movement across Europe and North America.

One that equates Israel with a brutal domineering occupier, refusing to permit peace-loving Palestinians their just due. From unions to universities and churches the cry goes out that people of conscience and goodwill must gather to exact a price of Israel for its intransigence in not agreeing to wither and disappear, leaving the land to its latter-day occupants calling themselves the original occupants of Biblical-era Palestine.

In Canada, some NDP candidates accuse Israel of "ethnic cleansing", and "war crimes", straight out of the book of the Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud Abbas's thundering accusations on the world stage. The leader of the Palestinian Authority names suicide bombers as 'martyrs', and the killers of Israeli citizens and their children are honoured by streets and public squares named after them lest their courageous deeds be forgotten.

The families of suicide bombers are held in honour, and to them goes regular payments funded by the European Union in their charitable donations to the Palestinian Authority. Hamas, which makes no secret of its charter's goal to eliminate Israel, receives transfer payments from the Palestinian Authority to pay their civil servants in Gaza.

Demanding divestment in Israeli investments, boycotting of products and trade, refusing the exchange of academics, the vilification of Israel and of Jews has resulted in a venomous resurgence of anti-Semitism all over the world. The hatred expressed for Jews through calumniating Israel for which the plaint among leftists is that holding Israel to a morality that is reviled by Arab countries does not equate with anti-Semitism is belied time and again by hate-mongering verbal thrusts meant for all Jews.

The unfettered immigration of years past to non-Muslim countries by the faithful of Islam has ensured the hatred of Jews and of Israel has migrated to those countries. Where once it was considered socially forbidden in the wake of the Holocaust to focus on hatred of Jews conspicuously throughout Europe, that is no longer the case, led by skillful public relations campaigns of "pro-Palestinians", hiding their hatred for Jews within their 'human rights' demands.

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