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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Islam's Deadly Turmoil

Europe is awash in a flood of refugees. Even before the migration of Muslims desperately anxious to escape their countries of origin in the Middle East and North Africa and Southeast Asia, Europe had accepted immigration from hordes of Muslims whose choice was to escape the suffocating confines of Islamic fundamentalism, of Middle East and African corruption and oppression, for the opportunities they might aspire to in free democratic societies.
Migrants off the coast of Greece: greekreporter.com

And the West, in an excess of self-congratulation, opened its arms to the stream of immigrants that would boost their populations, steadily decreasing by natural growth among the existing population as women freed of religious pressure and taking advantage of educational and employment opportunities had smaller families. With the presence of a growing religious demographic whose focus is on religious values and the dominating aspect of Islam in people's everyday lives Europe gradually began losing its indigenous culture.

Now, with the unending rush of hundreds of thousands of Middle Easterners and Africans fleeing conflict and poverty, Europe grapples with its very existence as a continent dominated by Europeans. The focus is on the plight of the migrants through the lens of humanitarian empathy. Somehow, lost in the reality of causal relationships, is the recognition that Islam in and of itself has become the monster that displaces millions of its faithful, slaughtering hundreds of thousands of Muslims along with ethnic/religious minorities, while threatening the stability of the international community.

ISIS in Libya
ISIL in Libya: IG

While Islamism's fanaticism has led to a gradual decay of anything resembling civilization, leading the proponents of a return to the 'pure' Islam of the Prophet Mohammad's historical advent, the religion itself has reverted to its origins as a conquering ideology of violence and entrapment. The denials of those of the faith who speak of themselves as moderate in outlook while firmly entrenched in Islam's ideological grip that criticism of Islam represents Islamophobia only hinders their own introspection, and perhaps by design.

The West has responded predictably, as societies whose own trajectory has been toward acceptance of differences and an eagerness to absorb different cultures, religions, values, customs in a tolerance of global forgiveness propelled by residual guilt over past oppression of emerging civilizations and economies in earlier centuries by colonizing powers. In the power corridors of the United Nations, the far more numerous nations that were once victims of colonization now hold the upper hand in diplomatic relations.

Paranoia, victimhood and guilt make for powerful bedfellows. Compelling the West to accede to accusations of historical oppression and mollifying efforts to act in ways at the present time to make amends. Propitiation of angry demands by Islamist fundamentalists that the qualities of Islam be recognized and honoured, and that no criticism of violence emanating from its defenders be permitted elicits soothing reassurances from the West, prepared to live with fanatical excess in the hope that patience will result in the anger dissipating.

When in fact, acceding to demands of a tribal, vengeance-absorbed, victim-ridden group mentality where only clans and tribes are recognized within themselves as worthy of respectful consideration, leads to contempt and heightened rage on the part of the fundamentalists toward their appeasers. For those who appease are without honour, cowards, fearful of defending themselves, and in leaving themselves open to attack, attack becomes irresistible.

We don't parse statements emanating from the Arab world of Islam with the shared slogan of "from the [Jordan] river to the [Mediterranean] sea", the code well understood by Islamists and shrugged off by the West as irrelevant, that a non-Muslim state must be eradicated in the Middle East, and its geography returned to Arab rule, as held by Islam that land consecrated to Islam must never be surrendered to non-Muslim rule.

Why, then, when journalism speaks endlessly of the plight of the greatest number of internally and externally displaced refugees in Africa, in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, occasioned by sectarian Islamic hatreds and minority-ethnic-inspired violence, do we not speak of the crucible of vengeance and hatred that a Bedouin religion bred and spread in violence has wrought?

And why is it that the combined strength of the West and its military organizations refuse to recognize that there are times when intervention to halt barbaric atrocities on a mass scale must be carried out in a mission to make the world a more stable, safer place? Rather than apathetically agree to allowing an irredentist nation like Iran to attain to nuclear weapons, and a psychopathic leader like Syria's al-Assad butcher almost 300,000 of his own people because they are held to be heretics?

While nations like Russia and China look on with amused detachment figuring how these events can be turned to their advantage, in their rush to plunder the resources increasingly available to them with the curtailment of insipid sanctions and the deliberate inattention to an absolute excess of pathological blood-letting.

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