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Monday, August 31, 2015

Islam Amok Among The Faithful

It's a tossup which is sadder, more horrendous, more heart-breakingly dreadful; that people live in realms where conflict is ongoing and persistent, where oppression, discrimination and poverty are endemic, or that people, desperate to save their lives and that of their loved ones, and hoping to find an improvement in their lives and hope for the future, set out on arduous, miserable journeys only to find impediments in their way, if they survive the journey.


The world watches with fascinated horror as the agency for destructive atrocities empowers itself through the certainty that their god has instructed them to commit barbaric acts of slaughter, rape, enslavement, banishment as they righteously claim the geography vacated to the presence, for their emerging and growing Caliphate. Armed forces attached to the countries which are experiencing the ignominy of seeing their borders collapsed are hapless in response.

Instead, a minority population of Kurds, an ethnic group whose ancient heritage in the geography has been denied nationhood, has taken up arms against the ferocious intruder and represents the only internal militias with the power and determination to defend not only themselves but the helpless ethnic and religious minorities that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant commit carnage against. The ISIL threat is one of mass dementia where humanity has been replaced by a religious ferment steeped in bloodshed.

But it is a government in Syria led by a minority-sect Muslim president who instructs his military to strafe and barrel-bomb his own majority-sect Syrian civilians that has unleashed another kind of terror, one that the United Nations had long since pledged it would be honour-bound to prevent. It seems, in the reality of the ongoing civil war of Bashar al-Assad against Sunni Syrian discontent, to utter platitudes of denunciation will suffice, however.

The Arab League has no intention of assembling its well-armed forces to march on an Arab despot, irrespective of the kills attributed to him. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation whose purpose is to defend Muslims against non-Muslims is unwilling to contain the vicious blight that has Muslims slaughtering Muslims.

The Arab League patiently awaits Western intervention. It has happened so often, from Iraq to Afghanistan and Serbia. And then, when the slaughter abates, blame can be directed not against Muslim butchery, but Western interference in Arab affairs.

Thousands now cross daily along the 175-kilometre border between Serbia and Hungary. None of the migrants have intention of stopping in Hungary; its economy is struggling and it is socially hostile to absorbing the columns of Africans, Syrians, Afghans and Pakistanis among others seeking haven elsewhere than in the Arab/Muslim world.

They aspire to reach Sweden, Norway, Belgium or Germany. No fewer than 800,000 refugees and migrants are expected to cross into Europe this year.

A migrant man holding a boy react as they are stuck between Macedonian riot police officers and migrants during a clash near the border train station of Idomeni, northern Greece, as they wait to be allowed by the Macedonian police to cross the border from Greece to Macedonia, Friday, 21 August 2015
There has been unrest on the border between Greece and Macedonia as migrants try to travel towards northern Europe -- BBC News
Discord has erupted in the European Union over the plight of the refugees and the migrants, over who will take an apportioned number and who refuse to do so. The backlash from citizens of various European countries who have witnessed the gradual decay of their culture and their society as it is transformed into one wholly unfamiliar to them and distressing beyond words has warned their leaders that enough had long since reached their shores.

Migrants arrive in Kos (19 August)
  Fifty thousand people arrived on the shores of the Greek islands in July-- BBC News

Citizens of war-ravaged Syria debate whether to slip under the multiple layers of barbed wire into Hungary or to surrender their cash to smugglers to get them further into Europe. Germany, Austria, hopefully. The refugees are tired, exhausted, fatigued, dispirited, how much trudging in oppressive heat can people endure? The unfit, the children, the wounded, it is all too inhumanely miserable. They set out to find a haven for themselves, not this misery.

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