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Friday, July 10, 2015

Multicultural Enrichment

"[Evgueni Mataev's personality] limits the effectiveness of any psychotherapeutic treatment to control the risk of recidivism."
"The review of the file depicts an individual who is manipulative, may resort to intimidation, has a delinquent value system susceptible when disrespected, violent, has a substance abuse problem, (a) rather parasitic way of life, scornful and who seeks control over others possibly to compensate for deprivations and disappointment in his life that can infuriate him."
"There are no true bonds with others, only utilitarian relationships. The individual is impulsive and tends to lie. He is procedural, arrogant in his complaints and shows no real self-criticism. Refusals may lead him to violence and (he) cannot stand any opposition to his wishes. The narcissistic elements are clear as well as a feeling of being all-powerful."
Montreal courthouse-presented Crown file review
Montreal Police: The Crown wants Evgueni Mataev declared a dangerous offender

Quite the harrowing description of a man who has obviously spent his time on Earth as a social misfit, a sociopath, a threat to society for whom the values of society and its social contract are meant to be despised, challenged and broken. He managed without even trying, it seems, to persuade the Crown to insist that as a Russian national, and a danger to Canadian society, he should be placed in prison for an undetermined period, as a dangerous offender certain to re-offend if released.

The court discussion of the 41-year-old Montreal resident heard prosecutor Pascal Dostaler speak of the evaluation that resulted from examining Mr. Mataev at the Philippe Pinel Institute, clearly marking him as a psychopathic, conscienceless predator. The man came to Canada with his mother in 1997. In 1998 he was accepted as a refugee from Chechnya. It took five years for him to succeed in acquiring a police record reflecting violent crimes.

An order for deportation was issued by Immigration and Refugee Board authorities in April of 2003. Unfortunately, Russia has refused repeatedly to recognize Mr. Mataev as a Russian citizen. The sentencing hearing is the final stage in a case begun with his arrest in 2011. A jury reached a finding of guilty of charges of human trafficking. Using an American woman living illegally in Canada as a prostitute. Which is to say forcing the woman to become his sex slave for hire.

He was found guilty as well of aggravated assault, stabbing a man known to him for having sex with the women, bypassing the imperative to pay him first.

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