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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Canada's Finest Home-Grown Misfits

"The board is revoking your statutory release because you present an undue risk to society by reason of re-offending."
"[Time-in-prison problems] include concerns with your involvement in the institutional subculture, issues with telephone usage, verbally aggressive behaviour toward staff, and segregation due to mental-health issues."
"This behaviour indicates that you are resistant to following rules and expectations."
24 June parole board ruling for Tony Larmond

"They told me they had no intention of joining ISIL)."
"Maybe some native teaching will draw them away from Islam a bit."
Tony Larmond; Aboriginal Peoples Television Network interview

"I can't really comment on the specifics of the case (two prison inmates beating Carlos Larmond, imprisoned on terrorism charges), other than to say that there have been recent events at the [jail] with Carlos Larmond and his twin brother (Ashton Larmond) getting charged with intimidation and threats that are related to my client's defence on this charge, and I fully expect to raise and explore these issues in greater detail at Terrence Wilson's trial."
Paolo Giancaterino, lawyer

Carlos and Ashton Larmond, accused terrorists have been charged with intimidating and threatening guards at the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre. The east-end Ottawa brothers are charged with terrorism whose evidence is contained in wiretapped cellphone conversations and intercepted text messages. They are scheduled to go to trial in 2016.

Carlos Larmond was arrested by the RCMP at Pierre Elliott Trudeau airport in Montreal, attempting to board a flight for travel abroad, while his brother Ashton was arrested in Ottawa. They were both charged with terrorist participation; Ashton in addition with facilitating a terrorist activity and instructing someone to carry out such an activity, while his brother Carlos faces an additional charge of attempting to leave Canada for the purpose of taking part in terrorism.

Their father who has 74 convictions to his credit, inclusive of drug offences, assaults and six armed robberies is held to have indulged in his life of crime to feed a drug addiction. He claims to have relapsed to street-drug addiction several months following his sons' arrest in a probe of terrorism activities. The two young men, in their early 20s were raised by their grandmother. They identify as belonging to the Bonnechere Algonquin First Nation.

After having converted to Islam, despite being involved in illicit drugs, Carlos claimed his intention was to take a holiday and explore Islam at closer range. Since his incarceration he has become known at the jail for threatening non-Muslim prisoners, telling them if they refused to convert to Islam their families would be killed by Islamic State jihadis.

Two non-Muslim prisoners in the prison, evidently fed up with his intimidating tactics, severely beat Carlos Larmond, attacking him repeatedly causing grievous injury, leaving him with a broken left arm, a fractured left orbital bone and notable head injuries. A family penchant for severe dysfunction quite in evidence, leading to a life of squalid misfortune.

From "proud Algonquins" to recruiters for Islamic Jihad.

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