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Monday, July 13, 2015

America's Best and Brightest

"I'm fighting for much more than myself.  I'm fighting for the future of our country which is being overrun by criminals. You can't be intimidated. This is too important." 
"When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people."
Donald Trump, enterprising American entrepreneur par excellence

Economist/YouGov: 15% approval for Trump; 11% for Jeb Bush

The joke around town is that I freed El Chapo from the Mexican prison because the timing was so good w/ my statements on border security.
He's outspoken, he's crude and rude, self-confident and self-absorbed, and this Republican candidate for the position of the President of the United States makes the incumbent look like a model of rectitude and efficiency. When people contrast the two, if they could, entering the voting booth and a third term was feasible under American constitutional law, Barack Obama would see another term in office, which would mean that the Nobel Laureate would have another opportunity to degrade the US on the world stage while much of the world is falling apart.

Bring Donald Trump to the White Office and the problems will simply disappear: "I will stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons", he has vowed: "I'm not using donors ... I'm really rich", so he will plan to fund another war to stop Iran in its nuclear tracks and he'll fund it personally which would be a bonus for American taxpayers. Could that be why he is first in public opinion polls as a likely presidential candidate for the Republican ticket?

Some wags claim that his entry to the competition and his recently-revealed standing in popular opinion is the biggest boost that chance could ever offer Hillary Clinton. Her closet skeletons' bones are barely rattling in the din being produced by the mouth that never censors itself. Many in America value the presence of Latin-American citizens of the United States, even those who are illegal migrants but among them, points out The Donald, lives the bulk of the country's criminal class.

Oh yes, there's also Black America with its strident demands to be given equal treatment to White America and its tiresomely quaint complaints of racism to be dealt with, and how will The Donald accomplish that other than revoking citizenship for U.S. citizens of African heritage, to return them whence they came where they are guaranteed to fit right in with the Ugandans, Zimbabweans, South Africans, Somalis and Sudanese.

Could it be the real explanation for his having entered the competition is not only his Everest-sized ego, but his secret inner wish to be recognized as a world-class stand-up comedian? A clown, say like,Toronto's once-mayor Rob Ford with his loyal following insisting his fitness for office when reality screams otherwise. There's just something about blemished candidates and their seriously compromised offerings to represent people's interests

Might it be because as candidates they reveal and reflect a society whose values and perceptions mirror those of the two Rob-Ford-like cousins in that terrific film Nebraska that proves Hollywood can, if it wants to, produce films worthwhile watching?
PHOTO: In this Tuesday, June 30, 2015 photo, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump waves as he arrives at a house party in Bedford, N.H.
In this Tuesday, June 30, 2015 photo, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump waves as he arrives at a house party in Bedford, N.H. Alex Nogales, president of the National Hispanic Media Coalition, said Thursday, July 9, 2015, that more organizations need to follow the example of NBC and cut business ties with Trump.
Jim Cole/AP Photo

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