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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Self-Forgiving Psychopaths

"Single white male, 33, 5'11" and 175 lbs with dark hair and blue eyes. Seeking single white male, 28 - 38 years of age, white and in shape. One who is loyal, preferably educated, financially and emotionally stable for a long term committed relationship. If you think you could be my prince charming, send me a detailed letter with at least 2 photos Only those I deem compatible will receive a response. Serious inquiries only please. All unsolicited mail will be discarded."
Canadian Inmates Connect Inc.

"Magnotta is a narcissist who craves notoriety, so this being printed in the media is giving him the attention he craves."
"He will be pleased his modelling pictures are being printed in the papers again. He will likely get all sorts of hate mail and even some letters of admiration. It is a sad situation."
Heidi Illingworth, director, Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime, Ottawa

"He is genuinely looking for what he states in his profile. He is looking for a long-term, committed relationship."
"I can understand people being upset with any inmate; it doesn't matter who it is, there is going to be victims out there. I try to be sensitive toward that, but in my position, I can't discriminate against inmates from joining according to their crime. They are all equally allowed to join, just like they can hopefully redeem themselves, and rehabilitate themselves and reintegrate back into society"
"I don't think that by locking somebody up, forgetting about them, not allowing them to have the basic form of human contact ... I don't think that should be taken away from inmates."
"It keeps it in a different level from being locked up and dealing with inmates and cement walls all day."
Melissa Fazzina, owner/operator Canadian Inmates connection Inc. website

This woman is beyond disingenuous and sanctimonious in her defence of her decision to give space to a vicious egomaniac totally lacking any semblance of conscience, fitting the description of the most base of psychopaths for whom torture and murder to gratify their sexual pathologies represents the culmination of a career of self-reverence. A man whose only reason for existence is to ensure that he carefully grooms himself to achieve sexual gratification through the most extreme of sadistic acts.

A man who kills and records the torture he imposed on another human being before dismembering the corpse and sending parts off to various political entities, who prances and primps and presents himself as available on social media websites using the allure of the gruesome videos he himself produces as proof positive that his modus operandi is the genuine thing of utter nihilistic violence to attract others of his ilk, has no entitlements of sympathy from society, much as Ms. Fazzina appeals.

He was convicted of first-degree murder for slaughtering a young Chinese student in Montreal, filming himself dismembering the body, sending severed hands and feet to political parties and to Vancouver schools. He has listed his expected release date from Archambault Penitentiary in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, Quebec as the year 2037. That, in fact is the year he will be eligible to try to apply for parole, although it is abundantly clear that he will never be paroled from prison.

The gruesome crime of which he was found guilty through his own incriminating evidence will ensure that he will never be freed into society. It is more than clear from his state of mind as expressed in the profile messaging looking for a companion that he feels complacently secure in his judgement of himself and perfectly entitled to consideration of his appeal for a love mate.

But then, why would he not feel that way, given the disgusting reality that he receives volumes of fan mail in prison. Obviously, society is rife with individuals whose minds are so psychotically disturbed that they approve of the lengths Magnotta went to to prove that his desires and his actions mark him as a dangerously sadistic predator.

But then the website operated by this woman so sympathetic to the 'plight' of the criminally imprisoned also features Ottawa's infamous Momin Khawaja, the first person to have been convicted in 2008 under Canadian anti-terror legislation for his part in plotting a London terrorist bombing. He too is looking for a love mate, for his "Future Miss", someone who can present as  his ideal: "skinny white girls, blondes and brunettes", someone he hopes to wed.

For: "My offenses stem from moral and financial support of the anti-western occupation insurgency in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan. I've never killed an innocent human being or harmed women and children in any way. I have a life sentence but I won't be in jail forever", he exults.

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