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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Racism In All Its Gory

"North America should continue, as it has been, a predominately European chunk of real estate."
"If we're going to have immigration, it should not upset the ethnic balance."
"[Canada is becoming a] Third-World country [its white population excluded from jobs going to] unqualified minorities."
Paul Fromm, former Ontario school teacher
Paul Fromm made headlines in 2007 when he was forced to surrender his teaching licence because of his conduct outside the classroom.
Facebook   Paul Fromm made headlines in 2007 when he was forced to surrender his teaching licence because of his conduct outside the classroom.
"There were pages upon pages of these brutal black on white murders. I was in disbelief. At this moment I realized that something was very wrong."
Dylann Roof, online manifesto

"The member [teacher Paul Fromm] spoke against multiculturalism and non-white immigration (and) used racist language in relation to Jews, Asians and aboriginal people while participating in public events involving individuals and organizations with racist views."
"Paul Fromm has failed to uphold the] honour, dignity and ethical standards [of the teaching profession]."
Ontario College of Teachers

It's a small world we live in, and sometimes an extraordinarily nasty one. Black worshippers in a sanctuary considered an authentic original of Black Christian worship in the United States, wholeheartedly welcoming a 21 year-old white American to their bible studies group. And they lavished warmth on the young man, pleased to host him and guide him in prayers they all shared. Only to have nine of their members mortally shot by the same young man, determined to make a stand for white supremacy.

The young man had been inspired by a website operated by the Council of Conservative Citizens; an innocent-enough sounding group, but one wholly invested in racist ideology, one that expresses the belief from its base in St.Louis, Missouri, that Americans "should remain European in their composition and character", opposing "all efforts to mix the races of mankind".

A member of the group, Ontarian Paul Fromm, stripped of his teaching license because of that membership and his expressed views, is a frequent guest speaker at their events.

A Council spokesman from Virginia insists his group doesn't condone or advocate violence. The murders that took place this week in Charleston, South Carolina at the Emanuel AME Church, according to Mr. Fromm, were "absolutely wrong". But it was, of course, the validation of his racist tendencies that the killer found in the standards expressed by Council of Conservative Citizens, that inspired that merciless slaughter.

The forgiving members of the church refuse to hate the hatefully misguided who do such harm to humanity. Something positive may come out of the carnage, it seems. Finally, it might appear that South Carolina to begin with, and other states as well in the south which value the memory of those great sacrifices during the American Civil War and defiantly treasure its symbol the Confederate flag, may now be prepared to relinquish it from public view, addressing the issues it represents.

And Republican presidential candidates, Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum and Rand Paul, recipients of large donations from the president of the Council of Conservative Citizens, are now handling those campaign donations like the burning coals of racial hatred they represent, anxious to rid themselves of any association in the public eye of any relationship to a dangerously divisive group of bigoted racists.

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