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Monday, February 04, 2013

The Unreasoning Vitriol of the Arab Mind

There is hatred so vitriolic that accusations stemming from it are so removed from reality it stuns the listener to have such evidence that the mind behind the statements is so deranged as to be beyond the sphere of normal human rationality, nestling comfortably in radical insanity. And when a leader of a nation is so psychically indisposed - disposed rather toward incoherent mad ramblings - there is that moment where even the most oblivious must exclaim "aha! he's berserk" and must be removed before any further damage ensues.

On the other hand, what Syria's President Bashar al Assad contends, is standard fare in the Middle East. So his state of mind which by Western standards looms bleakly twisted, merely expresses what is common thought throughout the geography. With rulers of this ilk, the theocratic ayatollahs, the oil sheikhs, the kingdoms, the secular tyrants and dictators, one can only conclude it is little wonder that the people ruled by them are so backward, so infused with tribal and sectarian hatreds, so volatile in their rage and misery.

Syria is being wracked by an insurrection, another one of those 'freedom-aspiring' revolutions where the populace cries 'liberty', and sets off on a program of mass protests to achieve a change of leadership, in the fond hope that such peaceful demonstrations could move the mind-set of the oppressor toward a more humane method of rule, one nudging equality and temperance. The resistance with which their clamour for equality was met was swift and it was deadly. Tens of thousands of Syrians have paid the ultimate price.

And, as most matters in the Middle East are never simple and straightforward, neither is this one, with competing 'sides' advocating their visions of Islamic faith and political ideology joining the fray, descending with excited fury from Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Libya and Mali to assist the protest to achieve its aims, irrespective of its cost in human lives, and the cost steadily rises, as the regime and the opposition each indulge in their own resolute bids for survival, using bloody carnage to convince the other just how resolute they are.

And, as much as each detests the other and goes on to commit one atrocity after another on the suffering civilian populations cowering under the onslaught of the regime's military might on the one hand, and the casual dehumanization and decivilization brought upon them by the rebels' mujaheddin on the other, there is still one area on which they can all agree with the passionate hatred reserved especially for vile Jews, for Zionists, for the mortal enemy of them all, Israel.

Therefore, in the logic of the regime and the additional convoluted reasoning of the opposition in Syria, Israel's strike to remove the potential of advanced weaponry and chemical weapons from reaching the hands of Iran-sponsored terrorist groups Hezbollah and Hamas aligned with both the regime and some of the opposition, it is Israel and its demonic manipulation of matters in the Middle East that constitutes a threat to the stability of the Syrian state.

And it is to the United Nations that the embattled regime turns in livid rage, insisting that something be done to halt the violation of their sovereign airspace from overflights by their mortal enemies seeking to defend themselves through securing their borders and their interior from the threat posed by the terrorist friends of the regime. The opposition taunts the regime that it allowed itself to be taken by surprise, the regime accuses Israel of conspiring with the help of those who seek to destroy Israel, to first remove the Syrian regime.

The fine logic behind these responses speaks volumes about the Arab mind's sensibilities, honour sensitivities and lack of intelligence.

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