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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Measure Of The Man


Rhetoric to ingratiate himself with a specific audience that would appreciate his credentials as a hard-core anti-Semite, or simply reflecting the tenor of the times by one who is not really serious, and really appreciates the opportunity to get up close and personal with Israel, handily soothing and solving any problems that erupt between the Jewish State and his Muslim Brotherhood party's junior partners in Gaza?

Now a responsible world leader, president of Egypt, a country of 80-million Arabs, aspiring to once again possess the title of leader of the Arab bloc, he would prefer to be viewed as a statesman. His statesman-like intercession between Hamas and the IDF resulted in Israel agreeing to back off its thundering slap-back at Gaza for Islamic Jihad and Hamas's incessant kassams across the border, indulging in gratuitous terrorism.

Such a man could not possibly state such stupidly slanderous tropes as equating Jews with monkeys and pigs, now could he? How might it be possible that a statesman who sends an affectionate note of comradeship to another statesman - from Cairo to Jerusalem - one 'dear friend' to another, might relieve himself of the opinion that "We must never forget, brothers, to nurse our children and our grandchildren on hatred for them: for Zionists, for Jews", addressing a rally in 2010.

 Yet it is true, it has been reported through reputable sources, and has been captured on video: Egyptian children must "feed on hatred".  "Who is our enemy? The Zionists. Who occupies our land? The Zionists? Who hates us? The Zionists. Who destroys our land? The Zionists." Unequivocal, and unabating rancour, and rancid hatred.

Fortified by additional comments cementing his place in history as yet another who achieved high office in Egypt whose bile toward Jewish neighbours belied his education, his experience, his aspirations as a leader, but remained quite in keeping with Arab and Muslim detestation of Jews within their midst too arrogant to admit their inferiority to Arabs.

This is the man who in a television interview echoed the same old tired anti-Semitic themes so beloved of his countrymen. Zionists as bloodsuckers, attacking Palestinians. While America, France and Europe support Zionism. And Jews will always be "the descendants of apes and pigs."

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