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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Delirium of Paradise

"France has opened the gates of hell.  ... It has fallen into a trap much more dangerous than Iraq, Afghanistan or Somalia."
Omar Ould Hamaha, Movement for Oneness and Jihad, West Africa

No longer a shadowy presence in the forests and deserts of Mali, al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb is now the effective lord of the land in northern Mali. What's more, its militias and those of its associate Islamists are heartily engaged in responding to the aerial artillery of French warplanes, in a surprisingly effective manner.

They were well stocked with arms, thanks to the filtration of looted military hardware out of Libya and elsewhere and where they have disarmed the militaries of those countries which have designs to stop them in their tracks. Although Boni Yayi, head of the African Union pleaded with Canada to send troops, and Prime Minister Harper declined, he is delighted with France's 'courage'.

Never has success been so sweet and so near for Islamists, however; in a 7,000 kilometre corridor running across Africa's widest portion, including parts of Mauritania, Niger, Algeria, Libya, Burkina Faso and Chad, Islamists reign undisturbed, intent on widening and formalizing their presence. Mali's military coup gave them the inside track.

The military intervention called for by the UN Security Council has finally been joined. France fully committed, and Britain, the U.S. and Canada playing back-up support, but no military involvement. And where is the African Union and their joined militaries in their own  bailiwick?

"We consider this land our land. It's an Islamic territory", said Omar Ould Hamaha. Well stocked with Russian-produced arms taken from Mali's army bases, and the arsenal from the depots looted from Gaddafi's military, they are digging in and branching out. SA7 and SA-2 surface-to-air missiles, seriously aiding and assisting.

There is no lack of al-Qaeda fighters, passionately chanting Koranic verses. Completely focused on the goal of becoming martyrs for Islam. All worldly things have been set aside, including wives and children. Their aspirations are not of this world; they are paving their way to Paradise, honoured martyrs for globalizing Sharia.

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