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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

 Facing Persecution

"While it's a very big number by international standards, it's a small number compared to the millions of people displaced around the world.
"We frankly have to pick and choose those who are in the most urgent need of help and I cannot think of a more obvious case of persecution than gays fleeing persecution... or Bahais (sic) facing execution for their religious faith in Iran.
"If you're a gay man in Iran and you're asked to live in a small rural community in Turkey ... things can get difficult and that's when often people come into an urgent need to get out."
Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minster Jason Kenney

Having lived in such dire circumstances of oppression and human rights transgressions leading to constant fear and insecurity, one must anticipate that those who will resettle in Canada will recognize the equality of opportunities given to then by this migration. Presumably, having been vetted through the auspices of the United Nations as genuine refugees, their welcome in Canada will result in an enormous improvement in the quality of their lives.

And the reciprocity that any welcoming country should be able to rely upon, that those brought into the country as refugees will ultimately become good Canadian citizens, valuing their citizenship and honouring their obligations, will also be a welcome reality. Existing in temporary refugee camps in Turkey having exited from Iran, will have offered some relief but no full amelioration of their bleak situation.

From one Islamist country to another of varying Islamic values by degrees of hostility to those of other religions and other gender-designated natures, the change in security levels can be measured minimally. Canada stands prepared, according to Minister Kenney's revelations, to accept and resettle five thousand Iraqi and Iranian refugees within the next five years. Some of whom are also fleeing the chaos and carnage in Syria.

Canada has, thus far, absorbed roughly 12,000 Iraqi refugees. The Minister emphasized that Canada is committed to receiving "bona fide" refugees only. Rescuing them from the intolerance of a rigidly unbending Islamist society. "One of the challenges they face in Turkey is that things can get awkward for them", he understated in explanation.

Thousands of Iraqis fled their country for safety in Syria to escape the bloody violence that was tearing the country apart, between Shia and Sunni Muslims. The current civil war in Syria has once again displaced them. Refugees in Turkey, in Lebanon and in Jordan also await resettlement. These people are citizens of their countries within which rage sectarian and tribal wars reflecting the peaceful religion of Islam.

Several thousands of refugees being absorbed into a population of over 33-million people doesn't appear excessive. Canada is slated to accept roughly 14,500 refugees altogether from all sources next year. Including Iraqi and Iranian refugees, that will represent one-tenth of refugees resettled around the world.

We are pulling our weight in global responsibility. No word yet of desperate people fleeing democratic countries of the world for haven in Muslim countries. Other than those desperate to join violent jihad, aspiring to reach Paradise as blessed martyrs.

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