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Monday, November 26, 2012

Message Received....

"You know, madam, in this beautiful country we have freedom of expression, but one can never make negative comments, whatever their nature, against the Jewish people.
"Otherwise, there will be consequences.
"I find it a real pain not to be able to comment sometimes", for Montreal has a "pretty sizeable Jewish population" whose behaviour is sometimes "annoying".
Jacques Fabi Quebec radio "king of the night", 98.5FM

Those statements, unencumbered by a shred of human decency demonstrate an unrestrained expression of social bile.  Those expressions of sympathy were directed toward a caller to Mr. Fabi's radio program, unburdening herself of her feelings during the latest round of Hamas/IDF cross-border shelling.  Identifying herself as being of Arab origin, the woman gave full vent to her hatred of Jews.

She was, she said, upset that her "brothers and sisters" were dying in Gaza.  Coyly leading Mr. Fabi into a shared expression of mutual disgust at the character of those of Jewish origin, she laughingly identified them as dogs.  She must have been delighted that she was never chided for her views, so obviously laden with deadly venom against an identifiable ethnic group among whom she lives in a pluralist society valuing equality and harmony.

"For me", she informed the radio host, after enquiring whether he knew anything about the Holocaust, "it was the most beautiful thing that could happen in history."  She had the satisfaction of hearing his response, validating the value of her personal opinion, but exhorting her to be careful, though it was her right to celebrate the Holocaust.

To any listeners who might be of Jewish origin, the woman's parting shot was "to hell with you".  To which Mr. Fabi concluded: "The message has been sent, madam", thanking her for her call.  As a result of complaints respecting the content of that portion of the show, a spokesman for the station assured that disciplinary action had been taken for the "unacceptable" comments; discipline that would remain discreet, not to be discussed or aired.

David Ouellette, speaking for the Quebec branch of the Centre for Israel & Jewish Affairs felt the station would be reacting in a far more suitable manner by discharging Mr. Fabi, taking him permanently off air.  "The trust has been broken...  This host should lose his privilege to be on the airways", stated Mr. Ouellette.  "Its not only that he allowed the caller, but he incited her to go further."

In fact, he made it abundantly clear that he fully sympathized with his caller's incendiary views, that he shared her bitter exasperation, and felt it entirely reasonable that she would feel good about the Holocaust; he both encouraged and validated her diatribe.

This station is no stranger to controversy revolving around its hosts' penchant to display their viral anti-Semitism. The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council found another of their hosts in defiance of civil behaviour, having breached the broadcast code of ethics.  Benoit Dutrizac a year earlier on 98.5 FM spoke of a bylaw in the predominantly Jewish suburb of Hampstead forbidding noise on Rosh Hahanah.

Mr. Dutrizac found it entertaining and fitting to encourage dissent among his listeners, recommending that they might wish "to honk, to make noise, to fart, to do whatever, whatever noise to indicate to the Jewish community that it's not the Jewish community who runs Quebec.  It's not them who will determine how we live in Quebec society....  There are goddamn limits."

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