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Friday, October 12, 2007

He's The Man

It's hard not to admire Nicholas Sarkozy. This is one determined individual. He is an adept politician, an assured leader of a country that has long been bereft of both. A man of principle, of action and unquestionable standards. Hard to believe that his country isn't feeling pretty good just about now that they have at their helm someone of his staunch character.

His frank assessment of Vladimir Putin's choices on the world scene, and his undaunted determination to confront his colleague on the international stage is more than a little admirable. In fact, it seemed a situation where two men of equal self-regard and awareness of their unique positions in the world at large, let alone in their countries could meet, however uneasily for Putin, with trust.

In that President Putin could trust that he would be hearing the unvarnished truth from President Sarkozy. Knowing that there is no possibility of intimidation, but an exchange of opinion met with respect. One a canted-right liberal Democrat, the other a dictator-tinged autocratic Democrat. Never the twain shall meet? Well, they do, they did and they quite well understand each other's language.

President Putin snarls courteously. President Sarkozy courteously chides.

And then goes off to meet with the ostracized opposition, the only visiting Western politician with the courage to do so. After receiving a grudging permission from host Putin. That nothing positive resulted from this two-day meeting is unfortunate. Mr. Putin is firm in his resolve that Russia will continue to support Iran. This does not portend well for the near future.

Mr. Sarkozy will not be put off so easily. He will employ other tactics when the time is right. He speaks for a powerful conglomerate. Mr. Putin listens attentively when the European Union speaks, much as he decries many of their decisions and pronouncements. This portends well for the future.

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