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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Imelda who? Oh, Marcos

Hey, former first lady turned entrepreneur, how about that. She is planning on marketing a line of irresistible accessories and sports shoes to appeal to the tastes of young hipsters. Cheap, inexpensive jewellery and sneakers. Imelda knows all about jewellery and she knows all about sneaky. Her personal selections of jewellery and footwear were anything but cheap. Top of the line for Imelda.

Imelda's dictator husband Fernando saw a winner in the beauty queen and hoisted her alongside himself at the helm of the Philippines whose population was as poor then as it is now. Only back then they might have had a chance to lift themselves out of their endemic state of poverty under the tutelage and administration of a wise and caring head of governance, something denied them by power- and money-hungry Fernando, aided and abetted by pleasure- and luxury-loving Imelda.

In their ostentatious twenty years of rule, they managed to loot ten billion dollars from the impoverished nation, and stash it abroad for safekeeping. They took bank deposits, shares, jewellery, art and property before an army-backed popular revolution threw them out of office and out of the country. He, the pompous generalissimo, and she the blushing beauty enamoured of extravagence beyond compare.

While she still faces legal charges of corruption and graft and countless civil suits over billions of dollars in wealth amassed during her husband's rule of the country, as well as illegally transferring millions of U.S. dollars overseas, she remains unperturbed. She may have been transformed from a state of fabled wealth by stealth to but she is determined to once again attain a state of recognition, adulation and self-generated wealth.

This famed beauty, faded to opportunistic booty-seeker will have her own brand of accessories and trinkets to sweep the desires of young people in her country and bring them to fruition through the acquisition of her offerings.
"This is more than about money because money can only buy you food and things like that, but only beauty can feed your soul and your spirit," said Mrs. Marcos.
She walks in beauty like the night, and generously offers the opportunity to achieve the ownership of beauty to those who would part with their meagre earnings. The better to enrich her with, of course. So, the offerings are low-cost, glittering jewellery, bags and trainers. Nothing like her famed collection of 1,500 stiletto, designer footwear, but practical, moneys-worth trainers.

Does Imelda really have, can she really promise gullible young Filipinas anything they would want?


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