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Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Idea of Self

One has an idea, a vision of one's self. What you would like to be, whether this concerns health, wealth, position in society or the far more meaningful essence of self as an ethical, moral, perceptive and compassionate human being. Whereas the latter instruments of being prepare us for the potential of realizing ourselves as responsible and caring individuals, the former are mere wishful appendages to a human lifestyle.

Inherited values within a culture, early exposure through example, informs the inner self. Choices, subliminal and obviously aware, are made and the self becomes autonomous. Always within the framework of the larger society, its pervasive social mores and customs. Human beings require, for their greatest comfort, approval of others, we have an ingrained need to belong to like groups. We also revel in the opportunity for social, cultural, educational and personal advancement.

Absent those critical advantages there is a crossroad of choices. To remain an individual and to cultivate those elements of personality and achievement which nature and nurture have endowed, or to cringe in lonely abandonment and submit to a life of emotional and practical deprivation. Very few people deliberately choose the lives of outcasts, most cling to a recognizable group whose traditions and values reflect one's own.

Self reflects the affiliated group's shared history, traditions, mores - augmented by realization of where the individual can comfortably fit into the whole. Progress in realization of self can be made where relative freedom to exposure to education, meaningful work opportunities can be available. Those opportunities are plentiful within societies which practise gender equality and acceptance of those not from within the dominant culture.

Pity those individuals, children, men and women whose life performance and ability to advance in thinking, education, lifestyle choice has been severely strictured by a society held fast to a tradition which owes its culture and mores to a restrictive and mind-deadening religion, one which continues to have its sacred texts interpreted in a reflection of its ancient past.

Self is contained, religion is paramount, public life is heavily structured toward continuation of a strict code which in and of itself precludes the introduction of any kind of social, scientific, medical and civil advances. Private life becomes a refuge without personal growth and satisfaction.

The idea of self then becomes what respected elders or religious interpreters permit one to believe and to act out; total repression.


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